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HD photographs of bronze Eve statue in Jardin des Tuileries - Page 642

Again we were within the Jardin des Tuileries in the 1st Arrondissement of Paris, when we took these high definition photos showing a bronze statue called Eve, which was sculpted by Auguste Rodin.

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1899 Bronze Eve Statue In Jardin Des Tuileries

This first HD photo shows a bronze statue called Eve, which was designed to depict Eve, as in Adam and Eve, which was created in 1881 by the renowned French sculptor Auguste Rodin, however the version you can see here was cast in bronze in 1899.

Bronze Eve Statue By Sculptor Auguste Rodin

And the idea behind the pose you can see here was according to Rodin in an interview, it was designed to represent Eve being shamed of her fault, shrinking in fear, vaguely anguished, not so much by remorse for her sin, but by the idea of creating other human beings who will suffer in the future.

The Bronze Statue Of Eve On Terrasse De l'Orangerie

So this particular image shows the location of Eve on a grass area in front of the Musee de l'Orangerie that holds the famous series of Water Lillies by Claude Monet. And this is located on the Terrasse de l'Orangerie, which overlooks the Place de la Concorde and is on the south westerly side of the Jardin des Tuileries close to the River Seine.

Head And Arms Of The Bronze Eve Statue

Now this close up photo shows just the top part of the statue of Eve with her head down and arms crossed, that truly emphasises what Auguste Rodin was thinking when he first wanted to produce this statue along with one of Adam, the first sinners, to flank The Gates of Hell, which is a major work of his that took many years.

Auguste Rodin 1899 Bronze Eve Statue In Tuileries Gardens

So the statue of Eve and that of Adam were conceived by the worldwide renowned French sculptor Auguste Rodin after he had visited the two most famous versions of this subject at Santa Maria Novella, Florence by Masaccio and the Sistine Chapel, Rome with frescos by Michelangelo, but these have been cast many times.

Bronze Eve Statue With Musee De l'Orangerie

Yet Eve, which you can see on the left of this image, was actually one of the first life-sized female sculptures Auguste Rodin produced and this was based upon an Italian model, which many places state as Anna Abruzzezzi.

However, the fact that Rodin kept changing his sculpture before finding out she was pregnant, it could not be her as Anna was only born in 1874, so the fact that this was first starting to be sculpted in 1881, it had to be Carmen Visconti who also stated herself in interviews that she had modelled for statues such as The Kiss and Eve.

Information Plaque On Bronze Eve Statue By Rodin

So this close up photo shows the plaque located on the base of this statue, and as you can see, it also mentions two other statues that were sculpted by Auguste Rodin called Meditation Avec Bras and L'Ombre, even though the male statue also referred to as Adam, was missing when we took these photographs.

Terrasse De l'Orangerie Garden With Bronze Eve Statue

And in this photograph you can see the Eve statue to the left of the photo with the Meditation statue to the right, and in the background is the Musee de l'Orangerie, and although there is a fabulous Rodin museum in Paris, he donated all his works to the city and the French state, which is why you can also see these within the Tuileries Gardens.

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