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HD photographs of Les Fils de Cain Statue group in Jardin des Tuileries - Page 724

We were in the 1st Arrondissement of Paris at the Jardin des Tuileries, when we took these high definition photos showing a statue group called the Les Fils de Cain, which was sculpted by Paul Landowski.

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Les Fils De Cain Statue In Jardin Des Tuileries

This first HD photo shows the statue group called the Les Fils de Cain, which in English translates to The Sons of Cain, which as you can tell, is a statue group consisting of three men, and this was sculpted by Paul Landowski.

Back Of Les Fils De Cain Statue

But here you can see the back of the large statue group composition, that was cast in bronze and stands on a stone pedestal within an area of the Jardin des Tuileries, which is a raised terrace next to the River Seine called the Terrasse du Bord de l'Eau.

Les Fils De Cain Statues By Artist Paul Landowski

Now there are actually many web sites that state Les Fils de Cain was produced in 1906, however, according to the official website for the artist, Paul Landowski, this was produced in 1903 representing a shepherd, poet and blacksmith.

LHS Of Les Fils De Cain Statue Group

And Paul Landowski was born in Paris in the June of 1875, initially first interested in writing, however, he started studying sculpture and attended dissection classes to learn more about anatomy, drawing for the school, he entered the Ecole des Beaux Arts and won the Prix de Rome, yet he also had a love of boxing, which gained him a gold medal after initiating a bronze called Fallen Boxer.

RHS Of Les Fils De Cain Statue Group

Paul Landowski had a prolific career as a sculptor, and not only can you discover this bronze statue of Les Fils de Cain within the Jardin des Tuileries, a statue of Saint Genevieve can also be found in Paris located on the Pont de la Tournelle.

However, his most recognised work is that of the colossal statue in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, called Christ The Redeemer, which is one of the largest statues of Christ in the world, although he also produced many monuments and war memorials as well.

Jabal Statue From Les Fils De Cain Statue Group

You will find that the sons of Cain were depicted in the bible under Genesis with the names Jabal, Jubal and Tubal-Cain, but unfortunately, trying to figure out which one is which is actually quite difficult, as there are many contradictions.

Yet, this photo shows the bronze statue to the left hand side, which we believe is Jabal who was meant to be the ancestor of those that live in tents or raise livestock, and with the man looking towards the horizon, holding a stick in his other hand, it makes sense that he would be the shepherd.

Jubal Statue From Les Fils De Cain Group

Now this next HD photo shows the central figure, which we believe is Jubal who is said to be the ancestor of all who played the harp or flute, and he is meant to be a poet.

But this is where one of the conflicts arises, as some places say that the shepherd is the one carrying the animal skull, plus wearing clothes, and Jabal was said to have also been a weaver, in comparison to the statue on the left, which may well be the poet and Jubal, the harp and flute player instead.

Tubal-Cain Statue From Les Fils De Cain Group

However, this photo shows the bronze statue to the right hand side of the group called The Sons of Cain, and we have managed to figure out that this was sculpted to depict Tubal-cain, sometimes spelt Tubalcain, who was a blacksmith, or forger of instruments, and the artist has depicted Tubal-cain protecting the flame required for his work.

Front And LH Sides Of Les Fils De Cain Statues

Paul Landowski was actually inspired to produce this work after three young Tunisians that he met while travelling, and they were walking side by side, as though united, together as friends, but without any sentimentality.

Front And RH Sides Of Les Fils De Cain Statues

Originally this large sculptural group was placed within the courtyard of the Musee du Louvre called the Cour Napoleon, however, it was moved to the Jardin des Tuileries onto the terrace that Andre Le Notre constructed next to the River Seine, so that the royal family and their court could admire views over the garden, but also the river from an elevated position, which is the direction we are facing in this photograph.

Back And RH Sides Of Les Fils De Cain Statues

According to the official website of Paul Landowski, Les Fils de Cain was moved back in 1984 to the Waterfront Gallery, in French called the Terrasse du Bord de l'Eau, but some sources state 1985, including the plaque for this statue, as you will see later.

Bronze Arms, Face Of Tubal-Cain Statue

Here you can see a close up showing the top part of the tubalcain statue from The Sons of Cain statue group, which as you can tell, was made in bronze, but is well weathered now as it is well over 100 years old.

Bronze Arm, Face Of Jabal Statue

And again according to the Paul Landowski website, the Humanist sculptor wrote down in a journal, or diary, that generally translated from French into English, Is not that all mankind, the man of the field, the poet, the city worker, which can be interpreted into force, the power of thought and work.

Les Fils De Cain Inscription On Base

But this photo shows the title of the bronze statue spelt in capital letters that have been etched into the stone on the base below the bronze statue of The sons of Cain, which is located at the front of this as you are looking towards The Louvre.

Bronze Inscription On Les Fils De Cain Statues Base

Now this particular close up photo shows the inscription carved onto the base of the bronze statue group of Les Fils de Cain, and it lists the three different sons as they were mentioned within the bible, with the first stating he lived in a tent and raised livestock.

Tourist Information Plaque Les Fils De Cain Statues

However, this next close up photograph shows the tourist information plaque, which has been positioned at the front of the Sons of Cain statue group on the stone base, just below the title, and you can see here that it states it dates from 1906 and placed within the Jardin des Tuileries in 1985, but again these dates conflict with the official Paul Landowski website.

Les Fils De Cain Statues Terrasse Du Bord De l'Eau

Although here you can see Les Fils de Cain bronze statue group located on the Terrasse du Bord de l'Eau with one of the pavillions of the famous Louvre Museum in the background, which is the western facade of the Pavillon de Flore in the Cour du Carrousel area next to the Tuileries Gardens located in the 1st Arrondissement of Paris.

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