Tourist information on France, Paris travel guides, articles, help and advice when taking a holiday in France

We would like to say a big thank you to everyone who has emailed us sharing their holiday experience’s when on their holidays in France.

So we have decided to included this section with some of these helpful travel guides and articles along with tourist information, from the personal experiences of ourselves and other, who have, and who are still touring France.

Paris travel guides

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Non EU and UK Post Brexit travel regulations for travelling to France

New UK Post Brexit and non EU members travel regulations including driving, border controls, customs, pets and health insurance for travelling to and in France.

Paris public transport systems and tickets

The Paris public transport systems are one of the most comprehensive and dense network of trains metro lines, buses and tramways in the world.

Paris Public Toilets

GPS location map of free public toilets in Paris called Sanisettes, which are suitable for the disabled, along with additional pinpoints for payable toilets.

Drinking Water Fountains in Paris

Location map of free drinking water fountains around Paris including traditional Wallace Fountains, parks and gardens, even sparkling water fountains.

Photos of Paris tourist attractions in France

Selection of unique photos images of popular Paris tourist attractions you can see when visiting this remarkable capital city of France.

Taking a holiday in Paris the capital city of France

Paris is often called the city of lights and is well known as a city of romance, but this city is also at the forefront of art, fashion and entertainment, which now attracts over 30 million tourists every year that decide to take a holiday in Paris.

European Emergency Number 112

Throughout Europe there is now a standard emergency number that you should phone from any mobile phone, landline or payphone which is: 112.  This is a number that will get you through to whatever emergency service you require, whether it be the police, the fire brigade, ambulance or medical emergency, etc.

Healthcare in Paris and France

When you are on holiday in Paris, France or Europe you are entitled to state provided healthcare, however, this is providing that you have the European Health Insurance Card, or EHIC for short, which has now replaced the E111.

EHIC & GHIC UK Global Health Insurance Cards for holidays in France and Europe

The old EHIC and new GHIC UK Global Health Insurance Cards helps with state provided medical emergencies and illness when you go on holiday in France and Europe.

Travel documents you need for holidays in France and Europe

Be prepared before you even start your holiday abroad, like having your personal identification documents on you at all times, which includes your passport and your medical card (EHIC - Card), the same applies to your driving licence.

The police in Paris also called the Prefecture de Police

Over a number of years the police in Paris or the Prefecture de Police, as it is known, has been developing a system that is designed to help foreign travellers and tourists that visit this fabulous city of lights.

Family camping holidays in Paris

You will find numerous French campsites near Paris that you can stay at, so we are going to try and help give you a greater insight into some of the ways that you can enjoy a family camping holiday in Paris, with places to visit along with tourist attractions which are suitable for the whole family.

Taking a family camping holiday in Ile de France near Paris

A lot of people today go on a family camping holiday in France whether it be in a tent, RV or caravan, and the North of France has become a very popular destination especially in Ile de France near Paris with its many tourist attractions and theme parks like Disneyland Paris close to hand.

French holidays and National Holidays in France

Every country has National Holidays and there will be different celebrations at different times of the year depending on what country you are visiting, so you will be able to see some fabulous festivals.  However, it also means that virtually all shops and even petrol stations will be closed on National holidays throughout Europe unless travelling on the autoroutes or toll roads in France.

Journees du Patrimoine Heritage Days in Paris France

Heritage Days in Paris means that the city has a weekend each year dedicated to this, where some of the more unusual tourist attractions are open to the public.

The French Roads and Driving In France

Some helpful driving tips and guidelines for the French roads in France to hopefully keep you out of trouble, when touring, and make your camping holiday in France that more enjoyable.

French markets in France

You will probably come across at least one French market in France whilst you are on your camping holiday in France, as they are a way of life and still the preferred option for the locals compared to supermarkets, which is why there is usually at least one market in every town and village.

French food and eating out in France

France is famous all over the world for its wine, but also has a rich history of fine French food and wonderful cuisine with many regional specialities, that you can enjoy when on a family camping holiday in France.

French food delicacies and regional specialities of cuisine

France is one of those countries that takes its food very seriously and there are many different specialities of cuisine from the various regions in France, like frog legs, snails, foie gras etc.

French food and regional specialities of French cuisine

There are many different regional specialities of French food with signature dishes of cuisine being served at numerous restaurants in Paris and around France.

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