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Jardin Du Luxembourg Palace And Grand Basin   

This first HD photo shows the beautiful Palais du Luxembourg looking onto a part of the Luxembourg Garden with the grand basin that has a small fountain in the centre, and the palace along with the garden were first started to be constructed back in 1612 for Marie de Medici who decided she wanted a reminder of her childhood in Italy after her husband King Henri IV of France was assassinated.

More information

  -  Visiting Palais du Luxembourg
  -  Photos of Palais du Luxembourg

Photograph looking over Rose garden with the distinctive arched windows of the Orangerie behind

Rose Garden And Orangeries Arched Windows

You will find that there are so many different things to discover within the Jardin du Luxembourg and here you can see a part of the Rose Garden looking towards the Orangerie, which was constructed in the 1830s to replace the original that had become run down after being neglected for years.

More information

  -  Visiting Orangerie
  -  Photos of Orangerie

HD photograph of Statue of Liberty that's located inside Jardin du Luxembourg

Jardin Du Luxembourg Statue Of Liberty

Now the Statue of Liberty that everyone thinks of is located in New York Harbour, however, this was actually designed by a French sculptor called Bartholdi, and within the Luxembourg Gardens you can see a replica of one of the original models, which has a full name of Liberty Enlightening the World, as the original was moved to the Musee d'Orsay to preserve this historical monument.

More information

  -  Statue of Liberty

View from the right hand side terrace with its red flowering stone flowerpots

RHS Terrace With Stone Flowerpots

So in this photograph you can see one of the original terraces that was constructed by Tomasso Francini modelling the style of garden on the Boboli gardens in Florence, with two of these terraces in perfect symmetry to the palace, and as you can see, with the flowers in the stone flowerpots on the balustrades, it provides more colour to the surroundings.

Picture of the Enfants Supportant une Vasque water fountain sitting inside the Grand Basin

Enfants Supportant Une Vasque Fountain

Although there was a pool or basin put in place originally, the one you can see here with the water fountain statue called the Enfants Supportant une Vasque, was only put in place at the start of the 1800s by Jean Chalgrin, when the Jardin du Luxembourg was re-designed yet again.

More information

  -  Enfants Supportant une Vasque

Photograph of Jardin du Luxembourg statues and monuments with their flowerbeds

Jardin Du Luxembourg Statues In Flowerbeds

There are numerous different statues, monuments and sculptures that can be found throughout the Luxemburg Gardens as you are walking around the meandering paths in between the grass areas and well kept flowerbeds, and as you can see in this image, the flowerbeds are often surrounding the statues.

Photo of Le Triomphe de Silene statue group by French artist Aime Jules Dalou

Le Triomphe De Silene Statue Group By Aime Dalou

So here you can see one of the famous statue groups in the Jardin du Luxembourg called Le Triomphe de Silene by Aime Jules Dalou, which is surrounded by bedding plants, and is within the westerly part of the garden.

More information

  -  Le Triomphe de Silene

View over Luxembourg Gardens central area looking towards the eastern terrace

Luxembourg Gardens Central Area And East Terrace

Yet this is a view we took looking eastwards to the central part of the Jardin du Luxembourg, which as you can tell, is open, flat and more formal than the area with the trees in the distance that you can see beyond the historical eastern terrace.

Luxembourg Gardens Harde de Cerfs bronze statue group by sculptor Leduc

Harde De Cerfs Statue Group By Leduc

You will find that many of the statues within the Jardin du Luxembourg were put in place in the 1800s just like this one called the Harde de Cerfs by Leduc, but if you look very carefully in the distance between the trees, you will see the tennis courts.

More information

  -  Harde de Cerfs

The historical water fountain called Fontaine Medici

Historical Fontaine Medici

Now getting back to Queen Marie de Medici, she also commissioned the construction of the historical fountain you can see here, which was originally like a grotto, yet this has changed quite a bit over the centuries, and when it was moved to its current location the water feature in front of it was also added to the Medici Fountain by Alphonse de Gisors.

More information

  -  Visiting Fontaine Medici
  -  Photos of Fontaine Medici

HD photograph showing one of the historical trees inside Jardin du Luxembourg

Historical Tree In Jardin Du Luxembourg

There are also some very historical trees that can be found within the Luxembourg Gardens and lots of these also have plaques on telling you exactly what species they are, but we took this high definition photo showing a really unusual and historical tree that fascinated us.

More information

  -  Photos of historical tree

Jardin du Luxembourg central French style garden area with grass, flowerbeds and monuments

French Style Garden Area

Yet this is a view looking down the Jardin du Luxembourg and the more formal French style of garden, and to give you a bit more of an idea, the Palais du Luxembourg was behind us, and when Jean Chalgrin renovated the garden he made sure that there was still an open perspective that could be seen from the palace right down to the Paris Observatory.

Picture showing the Palais du Luxembourg clock with its many statues surrounding it

Palais Du Luxembourg Clock And Statues

And talking of the palace, here you can see a close up HD photo showing the sculptures around the clock on the main facade of the Palais du Luxembourg, which is actually home to the French Senate, who also oversee the maintenance of this historical garden and the many tourist attractions located within it.

More information

  -  Palais du Luxembourg Clock

View of the historical Minerva statue with Palais du Luxembourg behind

The Historical Minerva Statue

So here is a different view of the Luxembourg Palace with one of the ancient statues in the foreground called Minerva, but you can also see one of the numerous gardeners of the Jardin du Luxembourg watering the flowers within the stone pots that are located on the balustrades of the western terrace.

More information

  -  Minerva statue

HD Picture Of the 2000 bronze Meridian line disc inside Jardin du Luxembourg

Bronze Meridian Line Disc In Jardin Du Luxembourg

As part of the Millennium celebrations a bronze disc was embedded onto the balustrade of the western terrace showing the Meridian line that runs through this spot in the Luxembourg Gardens in Paris and a survey of the Merdian arc from Dunkirk in France all the way to Barcelona in Spain was put in place over two centuries earlier that took six years to complete.

Historical beehive farm found inside Luxembourg gardens

Beehive Farm In Luxembourg Gardens

Bees are thriving in Paris, even though in many parts of the world they are dying out, but one of the reasons they are doing so well in this city is not just because there are several apiaries, or beehives, like this one within the Jardin du Luxembourg, but because the city has made a standpoint not to use any pesticides within their beautiful public parks and gardens.

More information

  -  Photos of Bee Hives

Luxembourg gardens large green garden pot

Luxembourg Gardens Green Garden Pot

When the warmer weather comes from around Spring to Autumn, or Fall, you will find that numerous different trees are brought out and placed within the Luxembourg Gardens in these identical green pots, such as around the grand basin, and each one of these has a small plaque providing the details of the type of tree along with its designated number.

More information

  -  Photos of 250 year old orange tree

Photo of the Pavillon de La Fontaine snack bar

Pavillon De La Fontaine Snack Bar

Now when you are in the Luxembourg Gardens you may feel like having a break and relaxing with a coffee, snack, lunch, etc, and the Pavillon de La Fontaine is a great place to stop and purchase things such as ice creams, crepes, croque-monsieur, chips, quiche, even a beer or wine and much more, although, when we took this photo it was very early in the morning, so it was not busy like later on in the day.

Jardin du Luxembourg Pavillon Davioud that's home to a school of horticulture

Pavillon Davioud Building

But here you can see the Pavillon Davioud located within the Jardin du Luxembourg and this building was named after the architect who designed it in the 1860s, and today it is home to a school of horticulture, yet being located right by the apiary, or beehives, this pavilion also plays host to the annual honey festival.

More information

  -  Visiting Pavillon Davioud
  -  Photos of Pavillon Davioud

View of the north west Wallace Fountain with free fresh drinking water

Wallace Fountain With Drinking Water

And even though there are kiosks and places where you can purchase refreshments within the Luxembourg Gardens, there are also fresh drinking water points, often referred to as Wallace Fountains, and this one was located close to the public toilets in the north westerly part of the garden.

Leda and the Swan sculpture on the Fontaine de Leda

Leda And The Swan Sculpture

But this close up high definition photo shows a scene called Leda and the Swan, which was sculpted by Achille Valois for one of the monumental fountains in Paris that became known as the Fontaine de Leda, yet this was removed from its original location and positioned on the back of the Fontaine de Medicis in the 1800s when that very historical fountain was also moved to its current location within the Jardin du Luxembourg.

More information

  -  Visiting Fontaine de Leda
  -  Photos of Fontaine de Leda

The Faune Dansant statue by Eugene Lequesne

Faune Dansant Statue

So this photo shows the Faune Dansant statue by Eugene Lequesne, which we took looking down a part of the eastern side of the Luxembourg Gardens towards the Palais du Luxembourg, and this is located very close to the park entrance at the Place Edmond Rostand in the 6th Arrondissement.

More information

  -  Faune Dansant

Photograph of Jardin du Luxembourg open grass area with colourful flowerbeds and different trees

Luxembourg Gardens Grass, Flowerbeds And Trees

However, here you can see another part of this beautiful and picturesque free public park in Paris with its well kept grass, pretty flowerbeds, historical trees and numerous statues, along with paths intertwining between these, you can probably understand why this has become such as popular tourist attraction, yet is also a favourite with residents.

More information

  -  Photos of flowers in Luxembourg Gardens

Monument to Eugene Delacroix inside Jardin du Luxembourg

Monument To Eugene Delacroix

We mentioned earlier that there are numerous monuments located within the Luxembourg Gardens, and here you can see the Monument to Eugene Delacroix, which was sculpted by Aime Jules Dalou, and as you can tell, this is also a water fountain, and hence why it is sometimes referred to as the Fontaine Eugene Delacroix.

More information

  -  Visiting Monument to Eugene Delacroix
  -  Photos of Eugene Delacroix monument

Close up picture of bedding plants planted inside Jardin du Luxembourg

Bedding Plants In Jardin Du Luxembourg

Now here is a close up showing some more of the bedding plants located within the Jardin du Luxembourg and behind is the statue of Leconte de Lisle, which was sculpted by Denys Puech.

More information

  -  Leconte de Lisle

Jardin du Luxembourg green garden chairs

Jardin Du Luxembourg Garden Chairs

And in this last photograph you can see just a few of the hundreds of green chairs that are put out in the Luxembourg Gardens for everyone to be able to enjoy for free, but you will also see these at another popular tourist attraction in Paris called Jardin des Tuileries.

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HD photographs of Jardin du Luxembourg in Paris

These photos show the very popular and famous tourist attraction in Paris called Jardin du Luxembourg, which is home to the Palais du Luxembourg, Petit Luxembourg, Musee du Luxembourg, hundreds of statues and monuments, along with tennis courts, childrens playgrounds, pond with model boats, puppet shows, water fountains, historical trees, flower beds and much more, making this free public garden a great place for everyone to enjoy no matter what your age.