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HD photographs of Scheurer Kestner monument by artist Aime Jules Dalou inside Luxembourg Gardens - Page 274

There are over 100 different statues and monuments you can admire within the Jardin du Luxembourg, located in the 6th Arrondissement, and these high definition photos show the monument dedicated to Scheurer Kestner.

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Auguste Scheurer Kestner Monument Luxembourg Grdns

In this first HD photo you can see the full monument, which is made out of stone and standing six metres in height, you have the obelisk flanked by two different statues, and this was commissioned to Aime Jules Dalou back in 1899 as a monument to Scheurer Kestner.

Auguste Kestner Monument Designed By Aime Jules Dalou

Now Aime Jules Dalou was born in 1838 and today he remembered as one of the most brilliant 19th century French sculptors, who is admired for his perceptiveness, execution, and realism within his statues, but unfortunately, he passed away in 1902, when there were only plaster models of this monument, which meant it was his artist students that completed this.

Stone Medallion Auguste Scheurer Kestner

This next photograph shows the stone medallion of Scheurer Kestner, who was born in Mulhouse in 1833 and was a chemist, industrialist, and a politician for the Alsace region, plus in 1894, as Senior Vice-President of the Senate, Auguste Scheurer Kestner was considered a moral authority in politics, was one of the first supporters of Dreyfus, and a director of The French Republic newspaper, all prior to his death in the September of 1899.

Statue Of Truth On Auguste Scheurer Kestner Monument

Now this image shows a close up of an allegory statue located on the right had side of the monument as you are looking at the front where the medallion you saw above is located, and this allegory depicts Truth, hence the naked woman with nothing to hide.

Statue Of Justice On Auguste Scheurer Kestner Monument

And carrying on the theme of politics, here you can see the allegorical statue to the left of the Monument to Scheurer Kestner, positioned standing on its base leaning against the obelisk, and this was designed to represent Justice, so therefore this is a women in robes.

Front Of Auguste Scheurer Kestner Monument

So in this last photo of the monumental statue, which was inaugurated on 11th February 1908, you can see the view looking down the Luxembourg Garden, and to give you even more of a perspective, the large basin and the Palais du Luxembourg are behind, which is the former palace that has been home to the French Senate since the 1800s, making it a very apt location for the monument to Auguste Scheurer Kestner.

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