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HD photographs of President Gaston Monnerville statue by artist Jacques Canonici in Paris - Page 281

Just outside the gates on the south side of the Luxembourg Gardens you will come across a statue dedicated to Gaston Monnerville, which is in an area that was renamed Esplanade Gaston Monnerville in the 6th Arrondissement of Paris, in memory of a President of the French Senate.

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Statue Of Gaston Monnerville By Jacques Canonici

So in this first HD photo you can see the complete bronze bust statue dedicated to Gaston Monnerville, which was taken from the Esplanade Gaston Monnerville looking down the Jardin des Grands Explorateurs.

Bronze Bust Of Gaston Monnerville In Paris

And this is a close up photograph showing the bronze bust itself, which was sculpted to look like this former President of the French Senate, and this was produced by the artist Jacques Canonici and cast by Jean-Jacques Avangini foundry, having been funded by The French Senate, the City of Paris, the Regional Council of Guyana and other overseas communities.

2011 Monument Of Gaston Monnerville In Paris

And this bust was inaugurated with an official ceremony on Tuesday, 20th December 2011 at 11.30am in the presence of Jean-Pierre Bel, President of the Senate, and Bertrand Delanoe, the Mayor of Paris along with other dignitaries and personalities such as two former Presidents of the Senate, Senators from Guyana and Antilles and Roger Lise, the President of the Society of Friends of Gaston Monnerville.

Gaston Monnerville Monument By Jean-Jacques Avangini Foundry

More often than not, when a prominent person related to the history of France dies, a street or square is named in their honour, and it was back in 2003 that the City of Paris vowed to name somewhere in honour and memory of Gaston Monneville, and eventually after several different proposals and ideas, the site was eventually chosen in 2006, which was the former Square Cavelier de la Salle.

Front Inscription On Gaston Monnerville Monument

This next image shows a close up of the front of the bronze pedestal, dedicated to Gaston Monnerville, who was the grandson of a slave from French Guiana born in 1897, but went to France to finish his studies and became a lawyer in 1918 and was an avid supporter of anti racism, but also became a politician and was part of the resistance in World War II.

President Gaston Monnerville Inscription On Pedestal

And when World War II was over, Gaston Monnerville was elected as a Delegate from French Guiana to the First Constituent Assembly of the Fourth Republic, and then to the Second Constituent Assembly, plus was a French delegate to the first session of the United Nations, and he was then named to the Senate and when the Fifth Republic was established was chosen to become President of the Senate, from 1959 through to 1968.

Gaston Monnerville Monument Back Inscription

Now this photo shows the inscription on the pedestal of the bronze statue, and some of it generally translates in English to; All movements of freedom and democracy through time and countries are equal from the introduction and respect of the law. It was she who, in my home Guiana, came to bring me the dignity and culture. It was she who told me everything, Paris has made me what I am.

Back Of Jacques Canonici Sculptor Gaston Monnerville

And in this last HD photo you can see the back of the statue that was sculpted by Jacques Canonici, and dedicated to Gaston Monnerville who passed away in 1991, this is the view from the Esplanade Gaston Monnerville looking towards the Jardin du Luxembourg, which is home to the French Senate in the former palace called the Palais du Luxembourg.

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