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HD photographs of Le Jour statue by Artist Jean Joseph Perraud - Page 473

This time while we were within the Jardin des Grands Explorateurs, which is like an annex to the Jardin du Luxembourg, we took these high definition photos showing the state called Le Jour, by Jean Joseph Perraud.

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Le Jour Statue By Jean Joseph Perraud

This first HD photo shows the statue of Le Jour, which in English translates to The Day, and this was sculpted in marble for the gardens called the Jardin des Grands Explorateurs that were first laid out in the 1860s along the Avenue de l'Observatoire.

Le Jour Statue In Jardin Des Grands Explorateurs

Now there are actually four different statues, which represent different times of the day, so you have Dawn, Twighlight, Night and this allegorical statue representing Day, and all were commissioned to different French sculptors, yet had to have the same theme of a man and woman.

Statue Le Jour 6th Arrondissement Paris

This next image again shows the statue of The Day, which is actually located within one of two gardens that make up the Jardin des Grands Explorateurs, and this one is called the Jardin Marco Polo that was named after the explorer of the same name.

And the statue of l'Aurore, or Dawn can also be found in this garden, which you can just see in the background, whereas the other two are within the section called the Jardin Robert Cavelier de la Salle.

Le Jour Statue On Pedestal

However, in this photograph you can see the whole allegorical statue group mounted on top of its pedestal, and this was sculpted by the French sculptor Jean Joseph Perraud, between the years of approximately 1870 to 1875.

Jardin Marco Polo Statue Le Jour

So, Jean Jospeh Perraud was born in the Jura area of France on the 26th April 1819, and during his successful career he received many awards, including winning the Prix de Rome in 1847, a first class medal at the 1855 Universal Exhibition in Paris and the Legion of Honour in 1857.

And because of these major recognitions he received numerous public commissions and official orders such as sculptures for the facades of the Palais Garnier opera house and the Gare du Nord train station, along with many others right through to when he passed away in Paris on 2nd November 1876.

Statue Le Jour Jardin Marco Polo

Yet this last high definition photograph shows you the perspective looking down the Jardin Marco Polo towards the Paris Observatory, and to give you even more of an idea of its location, the Jardin Robert Cavelier de la Salle would be behind us.

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