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There are lots of different pubs and bars in Paris that you can visit when on holiday in Paris, including places that offer live music and for those of you that really want to see the nightlife or like the night club scene, then you can even find places that have combined a restaurant, night club and bar all at one venue, letting you enjoy eating out in Paris along with relaxing at the bar or dancing the night away, all without having to move from one place to another.

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Barrio Latino Bar, Night Club and Restaurant in Paris

The Barrio Latino night club has become a popular place for its Latin music, the Salsa dancing and Latin style South American cuisine served in the restaurant and bar, which is spread over an area of around 3000 metres squared over four floors that are linked by a very impressive and imposing staircase.

Bar Hemingway at The Ritz Hotel Paris

The Bar Hemingway is named after author Ernest Hemingway and is located within The Ritz Hotel in Paris where whiskies and cocktails are the order of the day.

The Champagne Bar at the Eiffel Tower In Paris

The first tourist attraction most people want to visit when on holiday in Paris is the Eiffel Tower with many visiting the Champagne Bar located on the top floor.

The Bound Restaurant, Sushi Bar and Night Club in Paris

The Bound is one of the hip and cool places to go in Paris, that combines a night club, bar and restaurant, all enhanced with its glam-rock décor which is exceeding colourful like the very large pink metallic bar, alcoves that have pearl curtains and plasma screens providing post-modern video art.

Cafe Francais Restaurant Bar And Club

The Cafe Francais serves gourmet French cuisine and is part of the Beaumarly group of restaurants with this particular one having great views over Bastille square.

Chai 33 Restaurant In Paris

Located next to Parc de Bercy, the Chai 33 is a modern chic restaurant that has fabulous wine cellars where you can choose your own bottle of wine.

The Buddha-Bar Restaurant, Bar and Night Club in Paris

The refined decor of the Buddha-Bar restaurant in Paris has subtle amber coloured lighting and chandeliers with rich mahogany furniture, luxury fabrics, and decorated wood panels, with the colour scheme utilising rich reds and gold colours to provide you with the feelings of luxury, refinement and intimacy.

Ice Kube Bar

Located within the Kube Hotel, the unique Ice Kube Bar is purely made of ice in a chic atmosphere serving Grey Goose Vodka drinks while providing coats and gloves.

The Andy Wahloo Bar In Paris

The Andy Wahloo is a Moroccan bar that was created by Mourad Mazous and with its authentic atmosphere it transports you back to Morocco in the 1970s in a stunning and unusual environment that is ideal for a night out with friends.

Le Batofar Night club and Restaurant In Paris

Le Batofar is an old lighthouse ship on the River Seine, that is a concert venue, restaurant and a night club that is open to the early hours of the morning.

La Rotonde de la Villette  Brasserie, Bar and Club in Paris

The Rotonde de la Villette restaurant is by Bassin de la Villette and is a brasserie, bar, restaurant and music venue, that has a terrace overlooking the canal.

The O Chateau Wine Bar And Restaurant

The O Chateau is a restaurant and wine bar has a modern and relaxing atmosphere making this an ideal place for fine wine tasting and enjoying a delicious meal.

O Chateau Wine Tasting In Paris France

The O Chateau is a wine bar and a restaurant rolled into one, they also provides wine tasting events within an authentic historical 17th century mansion house.

Le Wagon Bleu Restaurant

The Wagon Bleu restaurant lets you dine in an unusual location serving French and Corsican cuisine in an original carriage from the Orient Express.

Le Petit Journal Montparnasse Brasserie And Jazz Club

The Petit Journal Montparnasse is a Brasserie and Jazz Club in Paris, which opens at 7am for breakfast and does not close until the early hours of the morning.

Peniche Marcounet Wine Bar And Concert Venue

The Peniche Marcounet is a wine bar and music venue that is located on a boat permanently moored along the banks of the River Seine close to Hotel de Ville.

La Pinte Bar In Paris

This small bar in Paris called La Pinte or The Pint in English provides a wide variety of different beers, wines, champagnes, cocktails, aperitifs and digestifs.

Pop In Bar And Its Free Music Venue

The Pop In bar was founded in 1997, and is based around people being able to pop in for a drink with friends, while enjoying the free live music and DJ sets.

The Belushi's Bars, Restaurants And NightClubs In Paris

The two Belushi's in Paris are bars with live sports action on big screen TVs, but they are also restaurants and nightclubs with local and international DJs.

Le Bastringue Brasserie And Bar

The Bastringue Brasserie is in an idyllic location by the bank of the Canal de l'Ourcq and serves good quality French cuisine at a very reasonable cost.

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