Belushi’s Bars, restaurants and nightclubs in Paris

Originating from London in the United Kingdom in the 1990s, Belushi’s has expanded into Europe and provides an international scene for a bar, restaurant and live sports action from big screen TVs, through to a nightclub, yet they also run the St Christopher backpacker hostels, which are now in two locations in Paris where budget accommodation, meals and drinks are served.

A bit of history

It was in 1993 that the first Belushi’s Bar opened in London followed by a backpacker hostel two years later and over the years they expanded, with other venues opening up in different cities within the United Kingdom, and also in Europe in places such as Amsterdam, Berlin, Barcelona and Paris.
Belushi’s Bar at Bassin de la Villette
The first Belushi’s in Paris was opened right by the Canal de l’Ourcq and the historical Pont Levant de la Rue de Crimee in the 19th Arrondissement, which was followed five years later by the Belushi’s in Paris Gare du Nord that is located close to one of the busiest train stations in Paris in the 10th Arrondissement.

And always with the same theme of being an international place to hang out, have a drink, party, watch live sports, get a cheap bed for the night or enjoy things such as their signature burgers and other comfort food, Bulishi’s is a place for the younger generation that come from all over the world.

About Belushi’s in Paris

With multilingual party loving staff, you will find Belushi’s in Paris a great place to meet up with friends or make new ones, as it is a bar that serves reasonably priced drinks including beers and cocktails along with happy hours.

Yet if you are into sports, whether it be the FA Cup, the Premier League, Rugby League, basketball, ice hockey, boxing, etc, international sports are always playing on the large screen TVs and projectors in a buzzing and exciting atmosphere where you never have to miss a game.
However, they also have a nightclub with local and international DJs mixing the latest sounds through to live music events, and for those of you that want to party until dawn, the basement of Belushi’s is where the action is until 5am.  Then you could always crash at the St Christophers, which is their sister company offering hostel accommodation located above the bars and restaurants.

The Cuisine at Belushi’s Restaurant in Paris

When it comes to the food on offer, whether you have stayed in the hostel and want breakfast, a bar snack while watching the sports action or a full meal to keep you going after visiting numerous tourist attractions in Paris, the cuisine at the Belushi’s restaurant provides comfort food at a reasonable price to suit any budget.

There is a specific menu for breakfast served daily from 9am until noon, which includes delights such as the aptly named the Comeback Stack, which is a Triple decker toasted sandwich stacked with bacon, cheese, sausage, egg & hash brown smothered in smoky BBQ sauce or you could opt for a stack of American style pancakes with a choice of toppings.

Alternatively you could opt for a typical English style breakfast called The Resurrection, which includes rashers of smoked bacon, pork sausages, two fried eggs on toast, sauteed mushrooms, baked beans, grilled tomatoes, hash browns and garlic fries for only €10 as of 2018, yet this is only €7 upon proof you are staying at the St Christopher's Inn hostel above.

These cafe restaurants in Paris also offer bar snacks ranging in price from €4 to €12 as of 2018 and could things such as chips, southern fried chicken wings, vegetable spring rolls, onion rings, potato wedges, house salad, a choice of wraps, a choice of quesadillas, etc.
Belushi’s Bar and Canal de l’Ourcq
Belushi’s Bar live music
Yet for €17 you could opt for the Belushi’s Touring Platter, which consists of BBQ wings, onion rings, spicy cajun wedges, chicken tenders, cheese quesadillas and spring rolls selection of sauces, etc.

Chicken Wings with a sauce of your choice are available at different costs depending if you want 12, 25 or 40 to share plus there is the option of a Surf and Turf platter designed to share for a cost of €19 as of 2018 and includes sliced rump steak, calamari, battered fish sticks, battered prawns, fried chicken, garlic bread & dipping sauces.

Other delights on the menu include vegetarian options along with main dishes such as fish fried in beer batter, salad and chips with tartare sauce for €14 or sirloin steak grilled to your liking served with a peppercorn or blue cheese sauce, salad and fries for €16 as of 2018.

However, one of the signature meals at the Belushi’s restaurant are the different burgers they offer, which are 100 percent beef or fresh chicken and all come with lettuce, tomato, red onion and are served with pickle and a side of fries, plus there is also the option of a veggie burger, and these range in cost from €12 to €15 as of 2015.

The ultimate burger at Belushi's is what they class as the BBQ Bacon Melt, which is grilled beef topped with sauteed mushrooms, caramelised onions, crispy bacon, pulled pork, melted cheese & BBQ sauce in addition to the above within it and its accompaniments.

Yet even desserts are available such as a traditional crème brulee or a brownie, through to apple crumble or lemon tart for a cost of €5, so as you can tell, there are plenty of choices on offer to keep you going or to share with friends.
Food at Belushi’s Bars

Visiting Belushi’s in Paris

You will find the Belushi’s in Paris - Canal bar open from 7am through to 2am seven days a week, whereas the Gare du Nord venue bar is open from 10am through to 2am.

Breakfast is served at both from 9am through to midday, then other food options take over, however, when it comes to the nightclub, both of these venues start from approximately 11pm and do not close until 5am on a Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

You will find different themed events and special offers that take place on certain nights of the week, for instance, on a Tuesday they offer a beer and burger for €10 between the hours of midday and 5pm, happy hours with 2 for 1 deals on selected drinks are available between 4pm and 9pm on select nights.

An Open Mic event is organised on a Sunday at the Belushi’s in Paris - Canal, and on a Wednesday at the Belushi’s in Paris Gare du Nord, but every Friday and Saturday night from 9pm there are live music events organised at both places, so as you can tell, each Belushi's venue has different offers on different days.

Now when it comes to getting to these venues for eating and entertainment in Paris, as we mentioned earlier, the Belushi’s Canal is located in the 19th Arrondissement, and the nearest Metro station is the Riquet stop serving line 7.

However, the Belusi’s Gare du Nord is located in the 10th Arrondissement with the nearest stop being the Gare du Nord train station that serves lines 4 and 5 of the Metro along with the RER trains on lines B and D.