Theatres and Operas in Paris France

Paris has always been at the forefront of entertainment in many forms from cabaret through to night clubs, yet there are also numerous different theatres in Paris that offer a wide variety of international styles and performances, along with opera houses such as the famous Palais Garnier Opera, where you can enjoy an evening of traditional ballet or opera in an extravagant and fabulous setting, which is a great way of spending an evening out while you are on holiday in Paris.

Map of Paris theatres and operas

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Opera Bastille In Paris

The official names for the Opera Bastille are Opera National de Paris Bastille and the L’Opera de la Bastille, but most people know it by its shortened version of just Opera Bastille and this was originally meant to replace the Opera Garnier.
- History of the Opera Bastille

The Palais Garnier or Opera Garnier in Paris

The Palais Garnier was inaugurated on 5th January 1875 after taking fifteen years to complete and is known today by different names such as the Opera National de Paris, the Palais Garnier or just Opera Garnier, but one of its main focuses now are ballet performances you can enjoy.
- Bibliotheque-Musee de l'Opera National de Paris
- L'Opera Restaurant

Theatre National De Chaillot At Palais De Chaillot

The Theatre National de Chaillot is situated at the Palais de Chaillot underneath the esplanade that looks out across the Jardins du Trocadero Gardens towards the Eiffel Tower, and is a popular theatre with productions including hip hop through to ballet and Flamencofor.
- Photos of Palais de Chaillot

Opera Comique Theatre In Paris

The Opera Comique was founded in 1714 and is a beautiful ornate building with frescos, statues gilded artworks, carvings and sculptures, plus has been host to theatre performances such as Carmen, Tosca and Don Giovanni to name a few.

Les Marionnettes du Champ de Mars - Puppet Show Theatre

Les Marionnettes is a puppet show theatre at the Champ de Mars park next to the Eiffel Tower, that has 300 different puppets and sets with classics like The Three Muskateers, Puss in Boots and Cinderella being performed.
- Photos of Les Marionnettes du Champ de Mars

Theatre de Guignol du Parc Montsouris Puppet Theatre

The Theatre de Guignol du Parc Montsouris is a puppet theatre in Paris that is a popular tourist attraction, and is located within the Parc Montsouris Park.

Theatre Marigny In The Jardins des Champs Elysees

The Theatre Marigny has been running for over 150 years and this theatre is within the Jardins des Champs Elysees, and has lots of different shows and concerts.
- Photos of Jardins des Champs Elysees

Theatre de la Ville Theatre in Paris

The Theatre de la Ville Paris built in the 1860s was once known as the Theatre Sarah Bernhardt and is located at the Place du Chatelet.

Theatre du Chatelet Theatre in Paris

The Theatre du Chatelet is located at the Place du Chatelet close to the River Seine and has a diverse programme of opera and operetta to ballet musicals.
- Place du Chatelet

Folies Bergere Cabaret In Paris

The Folies Bergere is a famous cabaret in Paris where you can enjoy a variety of shows including those for children along with their famous naked dancers.

L'Antre Magique Theatre and Magic Shows in Paris

The Antre Magique is dedicated to magic shows for children and the family, with shows such as clowns providing magic tricks, the art of balloon forming.

Le Petit Casino Cafe-Theatre in Paris

Le Petit Casino is a dinner and show venue that features one man band style comedians and new talents in a brasserie style setting for a buffet dinner.

Theatre le Ranelagh In Paris

The Theatre Ranelagh borders a lovely park in Paris, and although it is a small theatre it retains its original character hosting opera, musicals and concerts.

The Historical Theatre Du Gymnase In Paris

This historical theatre in Paris provides a wide variety of performance including shows in English, like comedies, musicals and SebMarx stand up comedian.

The 104 - Le Centquatre Cultural Arts Centre

The Centquatre is also know just as the 104, and is a unique cultural centre of artistic creativity with exhibition spaces, workshops, theatres and much more

La Nouvelle Seine Restaurant And Theatre

The La Nouvelle Seine in Paris is a converted barge that is now a floating restaurant and theatre which is moored on the River Seine very close to Notre Dame

Theatre Des Marionnettes Du Jardin Du Luxembourg

Founded in 1933 the Marionnettes inside Jardin du Luxembourg is a traditional childrens puppet theatre that is housed in a comfortable and modern building.
- Photos of Jardin du Luxembourg

La Peniche Opera - Floating Opera Venue In Paris

Founded in 1982 the Paris Peniche Opera barge is a floating opera venue that offers operettas, opera comedy, musicals, Baroque opera and much more.

Theatre Paris-Villette Inside Park Villette

Located within Parc de la Villette the Theatre Paris-Villette is dedicated to contemporary forms of theatre and dance mainly for children and adolescents.
- Photos of Parc de la Villette

Maison De La Culture Du Japon

Inaugurated in 1997 the Japanese cultural centre in Paris is host to different events such as exhibitions, shows, cinema screenings, debates and lectures.