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We are a group of photographers with a passion for Paris, wishing to provide information, photos and facts all about Paris for those who want to learn more, are preparing to visit or wish to visit from the comfort of their home.

The EUtouring Team

Martin Davison
Martin Davison
Managing director & Business development
md [at] eutouring.com
Barbra Stevens
Barbra Stevens
Author & Researcher
Barbra [at] eutouring.com
Kate Davis
Kate Davis
Social media, PR & Design
kd [at] eutouring.com
Starting off as a small interest has turned into a project and passion we love to contribute to over many years, and to help others learn about what Paris has to offer.

With thousands of pages and over tens of thousands of personally taken photography, we do our best to provide comprehensive and helpful information for the city, and to see it through our eyes without having to leave your seat. Unless you want to see it for yourself - where we can share the sometimes forgotten details such as needing the bathroom or grabbing a free water on the go, through to the hundreds of tourist attractions and finding a place to sleep for the night.

Being a small team we can always make mistakes. If you have spotted something we've said that is outdated, or incorrect please let us know - we appreciate the help and will make the changes as soon as we can!

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