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If you want the ultimate in luxury, then a 5 star hotel has always been what you would book no matter where you want to stay throughout the world, and Europe has been no exception until France added a category of Palace Hotels, but 5 star hotels in Paris are still phenomenal places to stay.

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When it comes to staying in a 5 star hotel, you are obviously looking at luxury, refinement and those added extras that would not get from hotels that have been graded lower, and this is renowned as the top of the class for hotels throughout the world.

However, the standards of a hotel do vary from country to country and a 5 star in one could only be a 3 or 4 star in another, yet within Europe the rating system does seem to apply generally, although France now has an additional class called a Palace Hotel that goes above and beyond a 5 star hotel.
Ritz Hotel in Paris
The Ritz Paris Salon Proust wood panelled walls with tables and chairs
In Paris there are numerous 5 star hotels, which provide a luxurious setting with refinement and discreetness being key factors for its clientele.  Often playing host to celebrities, high flyers in the business world, politicians, royalty and so on, the cost of a room averages from over €400, although a suite, depending upon what hotel and what option you choose, could amount to €15,000 plus per night.

The amount of multilingual staff employed at a 5 star hotel is immense from doormen and porters through to concierge and reception staff, not forgetting top barmen, chefs and sommeliers, many of these having numerous awards to their name.

Whether you prefer something modern and chic like a boutique hotel or one that feels like stepping back in time with its history and nostalgia, there are many different options to choose from and all have their own impeccable qualities.
5 star hotels normally come with several different dining and relaxation areas with different restaurants, bars and lounge areas along with Michelin starred restaurants, with 24 hour room service as another added benefit when you wish to dine in the comfort and privacy or your own suite.

Parking including valet parking, chauffeur services, airport transfers along with meet and greet directly from the plane, are also some of the services you can expect from a 5 star hotel in Paris.

For those of you who want to stay fit or be pampered during your stay, you will find wellness centres for facials, massages, etc, fitness rooms often with personal trainers available, even swimming pools, hair and beauty salons and so on.  Yet children can also be exceptionally well catered for if you are travelling as a family and along with items such as Wii or PlayStation often available, babysitting services plus special trips or activities are often organised by the hotel itself.
Ritz Hotel Rooms in Paris
The Ritz Paris Suite Vendome lounge area with sofa, chairs and tables
Ritz Hotel New Spa in Paris
The Ritz Paris Hotel new elegant spa and swimming pool area
For those travelling to Paris on business, you will find that there are business facilities available within a dedicated area along with conference rooms available with all the equipment required for a successful meeting, some even offering personal secretary services, etc.

However, if you are planning your wedding in Paris or another special event, then you will find that function rooms are available to hire plus catering services and many other options like florists, musicians and so on, can all be organised for that unforgettable time in your life.

Even though we have only brushed the surface of the facilities available in a 5 star hotel in Paris, these top class luxury hotels are a great way of enjoying this incredible city, especially due to the fact that most of the hotels are located in prime positions either close to tourist attractions or different event venues.

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