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The Peniche Antipode floating cafe, bar and entertainment venue in Paris

The Peniche Antipode is a converted barge located on the Bassin de la Villette, and run by the Abricadabra company they provide shows for young children along with concerts, cabarets and music events for adults in the evenings, plus there is a bar and cafe providing artisanal and fair trade products at a reasonable cost.

About the Peniche Antipode

The Peniche Antipode first started life in 1942 in Belgium and for almost sixty years this iron barge carried cargo on numerous European canals, before it was stopped being used as a commercial cargo vessel.
Then came along the Abricadabra, which is a childrens theatre company, who decided to renovate the barge and create a second lease of life for it as a cultural venue, which got moored up in Paris on the Bassin de la Ville in 2002.

Since then, this venue for childrens entertainment in Paris along with concerts, shows, cabarets and music events held during the evenings for adults has continued to thrive and be just as popular with both locals and tourists, with over 300 events being organised each year.

When it comes to the childrens shows, these could be anything from mine to magic and puppet shows through to songs and even comedy acting, which cater for a young audience from around the age of three to eight.  Although there are certain performances for slightly older children and even those as young as a year old can enjoy specific events that are organised, and these are always held during an afternoon.

As for the adults, of an evening you can enjoy numerous different concerts organised each year, which vary greatly from Jazz through to Funk and Reggae through to Blues, yet there are also evenings dedicated to theatre performances and even DJ nights are organised, so there is always something different on the agenda.

The Peniche Antipode also pride themselves in being a place dedicated to providing artisanal products, which are those that are hand-made rather than being commercially mass produced, plus they also supply a large range of fair Trade products.  So even at the bar, which is open from midday, providing everything from soft drinks through to numerous different teas and coffee and of course the inevitable alcoholic beverages, you will not find any brand names, on offer, yet a fabulous choice and at a very reasonable cost for a bar in Paris.

Especially when you consider a fruit juice is only €2.50, a hot chocolate is only €3, and one of the numerous varieties of teas is only around €2 as of 2015, and we counted around twenty to choose from!  But you also have the alcohol based beverages including cocktails like a Mojito for €5 or €9 for a 40cl, a pint of beer for between €4 and €6.50, wines from €2 a glass and €12 a bottle and even only €40 for a bottle of champagne as of 2015.

The Cuisine at the Antipode Cafe in Paris

Now when it comes to the cuisine at the Peniche Antipode Cafe, you will again find that only artisanal and Fair trade products are utilised, but they carry the same concept of providing good value with ethics including sustainable farming, etc.

This cafe, or shall we say, floating restaurant in Paris, always has a soup on offer as a starter, which is basically a vegetable soup utilising the vegetables of the season and what is available from their very specific suppliers and this is a cost of €3 for 20cl or €5 for double the quantity called the Grande.

The Antipode Cafe also provide a range of Tartines, which are basically sandwiches that are €8 as of 2015 and are accompanied by a salad, and these could be La Trois Fro of Sheep, goat and melted blue cheeses with walnuts and honey or there was another that consisted of ham, Manchego cheese, cherry tomatoes and egg mayonnaise.

Plates could be delights such as Spinach Seville, which as you can guess contains spinach, but also chick peas, with a blend of garlic, cumin, sweet pepper, olive oil and toast, or a Kinnam that consists of noodles along with chicken, eggs, carrots, peas, onions, green beans, ginger and garlic, and incredible, these are only around €6 as of 2015.

However, the Peniches Antipode Cafe also provides salads and platters such as a cheese, charcuterie or mixed platter along with a specific dessert of the day, yet at specific times on set days you could also enjoy tapas at this restaurant and entertainment venue.

The tapas could be very tempting options such as Camembert cheese baked with parsley, prawns with olive oil and spiced, house special guacamole and nachos or Spanish omelette, but you can also opt for a selection of tapas as well, and these are of course ideal for nibbles and sharing.

Visiting the Peniche Antipode in Paris

Now as you have already gathered, the Peniche Antipode is located on the Bassin de la Ville in the 19th Arrondissement close to numerous other tourist attractions in Paris, and although the address for accessing the barge is Quai de la Seine, for administration purposes, any post has to be directed to Cie Abricadabra, 94 bis, Quai de la Loire, 75019, Paris.

You can reserve your place and book tickets for one of the shows by telephone between the hours of 10am and 7pm on a Monday to Friday, and some of the concerts do have to be booked in advance, whereas others do not, but you are requested to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to a show or concert starting.

The Peniche Antipode bar in Paris is open daily from midday, and the Antipode cafe is open on weekdays from midday through to 2.30pm and then from 7pm through to 11pm, whereas at a weekend the lunchtime service is extended from noon until 4pm and evening service remains the same times.

No reservations are required to enjoy a meal at this floating cafe in Paris unless you are going to be arriving in a large group of ten plus people, and then you would need to book by mobile telephone on +33 (0) 6 82 66 48 88.

However, we would like to also point out that the tapas option we mentioned above is only served in the evening on a Thursday through to a Sunday and only at a lunchtime on weekends.

And when it comes to getting to this cafe and entertainment venue via public transport in Paris, the nearest Metro stations are the Riquet stop via line 7 or the Jaures stop via lines 2 and 5, yet the bus numbers 54 and 60 will also get you close to this unique venue.

Address and Contact Details

Peniche Antipode
Bassin de la Villette
55 Quai de la Seine
Ile de France

Tel: +33 (0) 1 42 03 39 07

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