Chai 33 Restaurant in Paris

Located in the heart of the Bercy Village, which is part of the historical wine centre of Paris and next to the Parc de Bercy, the Chai 33 is a modern chic restaurant that has fabulous wine cellars where you can choose your own bottle of wine, plus has a bar, and snacks available on their terraces.

About the Chai 33 restaurant

This restaurant in Paris has a chic and ultra modern design with some very unusually shaped wooden tables that have been cut a certain way from the tree itself to define the shape and its character, which are accompanied by a classical brown and grey colour scheme for some of the seating and decor.  Yet this is mixed with reds, and a bright almost fluorescent blue that makes this a very unusual place to eat out in Paris.

The Chai 33 also has a bistro style area with plenty of wines on display behind where you would sit, so you can enjoy a drink, a light lunch or both with wooden chairs and tables, where you can order to eat in, on the terraces or to take away.
Chai 33 Restaurant Paris
The terraces have a theme of the wicker style chairs with round tables with one on the Cour St Emilion and the other next to the Parc de Bercy overlooking the park, which are ideal on a warm summers day.  Yet it is also within this area here that you can purchase food and wine to eat and drink in, or to take away and enjoy in the park or back at your hotel in Paris.

In addition to these areas in the restaurant, you have an intimate and cosy atmosphere within the bar area, known as the Perched Bar, which has vibrant colours and lighting that can change depending upon the mood.  Not only can you enjoy one of their wines, they also have a fabulous range of cocktails drinks and other alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages on offer, along with finger food.

The Wine Cellars at Chai 33

Visiting the wine cellars at Chai 33 is a very unique experience, as they offer a completely different approach to the numerous wines on offer, which are well over 300 different varieties that are stored within approximately 250 metres squared of cellars, and these are accessible to anyone.

The wine cellars are actually designated by three different areas and the first is the Taste and Colour cellar, with a colour code that will help you to pick the bottle of wine that is correct for your palette.

The next area is called the Coups de Coeur Cellar and this is the chief sommeliers pick of the time, where every eventuality has been thought of, such as whites for fish, reds for red meat and of course those for special occasions and much more.
Now the third area of the cellars at the Chai 33 is called the Paradis Cellar and that is where you will find the greatest of Grand Crus wines, so if you are a bit more than just a novice, you will be able to choose your fabulous wine for that special occasion or celebration.

However, even though the layout and designation of the cellars makes it easier, for those of you that are not experienced with different wines, there is still the sommelier to advise you of the best type of choice depending upon the situation, or your chosen dish for the evening.

The Wine Cellars are open to all, and when you have a meal at the Chai 33 you will find that there is a pass in the form of a key, so that you can go down to the cellar accompanied by one of the wine waiters, known as a sommelier who will be there to help you out.

The Cuisine at Chai 33

You will find creative and modern cuisine at the Chai 33 that really fits in well with its surroundings, yet the menu is still inspired by traditional French food along with world cuisine, and there are numerous different options available, not just an a la carte menu.

For instance, you can order an express meal at the Bistro, to take away or to eat in, which is served on a tray, and available of a lunchtime not including a Sunday or bank holiday, there are three set menus where you choose either a starter and main course or a main course and dessert for approximately €16.50.  This also includes a drink from a pre-defined selection that could be a glass of wine, fruit juice or fizzy drink, plus it also includes a coffee.
Modern architecture in Chai 33 Restaurant
Wine tasting at Chai 33 Restaurant
The entire menu does change with the seasons, yet one option that could possibly be on the Express Menu where you choose two out of the three set dishes could be Fish rillettes starter, Coalfish fillet with Brazilian sauce and white rice for a main course and a Coconut blancmange for dessert.  Another could be Beetroot pickles, Braised veal flank with potatoes and a Brownie.

As a quick meal at the Bistrot, as Chai 33 call it, could be items such as burger and chips and there is also a Childrens set menu for those aged under 12 at a cost of €10 as of 2018 and they get a choice of a burger, chicken nuggets or fillet of fish, plus an ice cream dessert and drink.

However on a Sunday and on National French holidays they offer a brunch buffet, which is a cost of €30 as of 2018.  Children aged 12 and under can have a brunch served on a tray for approximately €14 and also enjoy the free fun activities that are organised on these specific days, which is available from 12:30pm through to 3:30pm.

Another option is the specific selection from the restaurant menu, which changes according to what produce is available, as the menu changes with the seasons, but on this type of special, they are around €24 for a starter and main or main and dessert not including a Sunday or bank holiday, yet for an additional €1 you can add a glass of wine or soft drink.

There is also a three course option available 7 days a week for a cost of around €29 as of 2018, and with quite a few different choices available such as a starters of Duck terrine and dried fruit chutney or Butternut and parsnip veloute, with organic almond milk, which is gluten free and even Vegan friendly.  Main courses could be Codfish curry, carrots and leeks or Duckling fillet, minced cabbage, 5 spices and ginger sauce.

Sharing platters are also available at Chai 33 with starters designed to be shared between two or three people and main meals designed to be shared between two.  This could be Asia Chic consisting of Chicken spring rolls with lettuce leaves , crab cake Thai salad, vegetarian gyozas, followed by a World food main dish that is served in a hot stone bowl and could be Organic red quinoa and wok rice, marinated chicken, king prawns, coriander, soya sauce, omelette for instance.
Chai 33 Restaurant cuisine

Now when it comes to the restaurant menu, as we have mentioned, this does change, so what is to follow is for reference only.  However, some of the delights on offer may be starters such as Crab cake with Thai salad, Crispy chicken salad with liquorice and coriander or Foie Gras with plum chutney.

Main courses from the restaurant menu could be a fish course of Wild seabass, creamy polenta and sauteed mushrooms, Scallops, vitelotte ecrase and red butter or 3 fish tartare consisting of albacore tuna, Scottish salmon and pout fish with homemade French fries and salad.

Meat courses could be Charolais beef tartare with French fries and green salad or Candied milk lamb from the Aldudes with eggplant.  Yet you could choose a Grilled sirloin steak with potatoes and candied shallots, Fillet of beef with potato gratin or Roasted veal T-bone with vitelotte ecrase and green salad, and all of these have a choice of bearnaise, pepper or blue cheese sauce.

You could also add additional side dishes to accompany your main meal such as organic quinoa and flavoured rice, steamed vegetables or a variety of potato dishes for €5, even a sauce of your choice for €1, yet there is also a Morel sauce that you could add for €5 as of 2018.

If you wished you could opt for a cheese plate selected by the Langlet-Hardouin dairy, although this is also a dessert option as well, but other desserts include very tempting dishes such as Yuzu tiramisu, French toast brioche and salted butter toffee ice-cream, Big crispy puff like a profiterole, Fresh fruit salad, Warm chocolate cake and fresh milk ice cream or Pear, pineapple, mango and pomegranate, which is gluten free and suitable for Vegans, etc.

However, there are also options such as a selection of the finest hams sliced in front of you using a Wismer machine, salads, pasta, risotto, along with even a Caviar starter, a sweet pastries trolly provided by the famous Pierre Herme Paris, plus several options designed specifically for vegetarians, so there is always going to be something suitable for everyone and their budget.
Wine cellar at the Chai 33 Restaurant
Pate and sausage at Chai 33 Restaurant

Access to the Chai 33 Restaurant in Paris

The Chai 33 is open every day of the week and on a Monday it is open from 8:30am through to midnight, however on a Tuesday and Wednesday it opens from 8:30am for breakfast through to 1am in the morning.

On a Thursday and Friday this restaurant, bistro and bar in Paris opens at 8:30am but does not close until 2am, then on a Saturday it is open from 10am through to 2am and on a Sunday it opens at 10am and closes at midnight.

However, the additional area of the Perched Bar opens at 5pm on a Monday through to Saturday and opens at 4pm on a Sunday.

Located within Bercy Village overlooking the Parc de Bercy in the 12th Arrondissement, this restaurant and bar with its wine cellars are in a very apt location considering the history of Bercy was that of the wine merchants area of Paris, yet the only main remnants of this are the Pavillons de Bercy, which were fully restored.

However, there is much to see and do in the area, like visiting one of the museums in Paris, do a bit shopping, and of course enjoy a lovely meal, which is where the Chai 33 plays an important role.

Normally reservations are not necessary, however, for an evening meal it is advised, but if you are going to be arriving as a group, then, booking is definitely a must.  But the Chai 33 also caters for private functions and corporate events along with wine tasting events, and therefore if this is something you are interested in, you would need to contact the team to discuss things in more detail.

Now when it comes to getting here via public transport, you will find that there are actually two Metro stations nearby, one being called Bercy serving lines 6 and 14,  and the other, which is serviced by the high speed Metro called the Meteor, is the Cour Saint Emilion stop serving Line 14 and this is closer to Bercy Village.

Alternatively, the Bus lines 24, 64, 87, 109 and 111 along with the Noctilien Night Bus Service via lines N32, N35 and N130 will also get you within walking distance, although the lines 24, 109, 111 and N32 are closest to Chai 33.

However, if you are travelling to or from Paris via train, then there is the Gare de Bercy that serves the TER and Intercities trains, and on the opposite bank of the River Seine you have the Bibliotheque Francois-Mitterrand RER stop that serves the RER C Line trains.

Address and contact details

Chai 33, Bercy Village, 33 Cour Saint Emilion, 75012, Paris, Ile de France, France
Tel: 0033 1 53 44 01 01

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