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HD photos of Pont de Bercy in Paris

The new Pont de Bercy over the River Seine in Paris was only re-opened in 1991 after having major work done to widen the bridge, adding more vehicle lanes to help with the increase in traffic around the city, but as you will see from these photographs this bridge has still maintains its original character including its dedicated central pedestrian and bike path that runs under the Metro viaduct section with its numerous arches.
High definition photograph of the Pont de Bercy, Port de la Gare and the River Seine in Paris

Pont De Bercy Over The River Seine

We took this photo while standing on the Allee Arthur Rambaud looking down at the Port de la Gare, the river and the Pont de Bercy bridge with its dressed stone, which makes it look far older than when this was actually completed, as this was a new addition, but the arches, piers and abutments were designed to completely match the original bridge.

Photo of the South side of Pont de Bercy crossing over the River Seine

Pont De Bercy South Side

This time we were standing on the Passerelle Simone de Beauvoir to take this photograph looking downstream to the Pont de Bercy, and if you look carefully you can see the round windows with laurel wreath surrounds that are located on the tympana in between the arches above the piers, and these are identical to the originals put in place on the bridge in the 1860s.

View of the South stone stairs from Port de la Gare that travel up to the Pont de Bercy

Pont De Bercy Stone Stairs

Here you can see the stone steps going up to the walkway on the Pont de Bercy Bridge, and if you look closely you may be able to see in this picture that one of the stone facings on the arch is missing, which is just by where the two men were standing on the quay.

Picture of the Quai de la Gare Metro viaduct section that connects to the Pont de Bercy

Quai De La Gare Metro Viaduct

We took this photo while on the left bank of the River Seine at the Quai de la Gare in the 13th Arrondissement, looking at the viaduct and station for the Metro line at Quai de la Gare that then goes over the Pont de Bercy bridge in Paris.

This photo shows the stone pillars of the Metro viaduct on top of the Pont de Bercy

Pont De Bercy Viaduct Pillars

The stone pillars of the viaduct that you can see in this photograph of the Pont de Bercy are the originals dating from 1904 when it was designed to carry the Metro train lines, however, this bridge has been widened since, in order to provide more traffic lanes for the growing number of vehicles in Paris.

Photo showing the North side of Pont de Bercy in Paris

Pont De Bercy North Side

This is a photo we took showing the North side of the Pont de Bercy bridge including its viaduct section on top that carries the Metro trains, and this bridge is also a major artery for vehicles and pedestrians going from the 12th Arrondissement to the 13th Arrondissement of Paris.

Pont de Bercy ornate street lighting along the viaduct section of the bridge

Pont De Bercy Street Lighting

This is a close up photo we took of the ornate lamps, which are positioned above the centre of each arch on the viaduct section of the Pont de Bercy, and although it was a beautiful sunny day while we were here, these make this bridge in Paris look very picturesque when it is all lit up at night.

View looking under the Pont de Bercy viaduct with its dedicated cycle lanes

Pont De Bercy Viaduct Cycle Lanes

This is a photo we took while standing underneath the viaduct section of the Pont de Bercy with all its stone arches, and as you can tell from this image it has now has dedicated cycle lanes that run the whole length of the bridge, which are also used by pedestrians.

This photo shows the pedestrian and vehicle lanes on the South side of the Pont de Bercy

Pont De Bercy Pedestrian And Vehicle Lanes

This is a photograph that we took while on the Pont de Bercy bridge, which shows the pedestrian path and vehicle lanes that travel towards the Parc de Bercy, and in the distance you can just make out the top of the Palais Omnisports de Paris Bercy Stadium with its sloping grass sides to the right of the image.

Photograph of the Pont de Bercy stone arches and pillars travelling in to the River Seine

Pont De Bercy Stone Arches And Pillars

The first stone bridge at this location was constructed in the 1830s, but was replaced with a stronger stone bridge in 1861, and although what you can see of the Pont de Bercy today is far more modern than that, it was designed to look the same as the original bridge over the River Seine, as you no doubt realise from this photo.

View of the five stone faced arches of the Pont de Bercy

Pont De Bercy Five Arches

In this image you can see the view looking downstream of the River seine towards the Pont de Bercy bridge, and to the left of this picture is the floating swimming pool called the Piscine Josephine Baker, which is a very popular tourist attraction in Paris.

The Pont de Bercy plaque within the 13th Arrondissement

Pont De Bercy Plaque

Located at the start of the Pont de Bercy you will be able to see a plaque fixed to the stone next to one of the arches of the viaduct on this bridge in Paris, and you will see numerous ones of these dotted around the city naming squares and numerous other tourist attractions and points of interest.

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