High definition photographs of Bercy Village in Paris

While in the 12th Arrondissement of Paris we decided to visit the very popular Bercy Village shopping centre, and as you will see from these photos, this area today has been modernised, but still maintained its character and history from when the Bercy area was the largest wine market in the world.

View looking through Bercy Village with its old wine railway lines imbedded in the cobbled street

Bercy Village cobbled street
Bercy Village is located next to Parc de Bercy in the 12th Arrondissement and is located in the area which was once home to one of the largest wine markets in the world, and in this photo you can see the original cobbled street and the train tracks that were used to transport the wine in and out of the city.

Bicycle vending cart along the Cour Saint Emilion cobbled street in Bercy Village

Bercy Village bicycle vending cart
With the cobbled streets and original train track along with an old fashioned bike and gentleman in period clothing supplying snacks, we felt that this photograph truly shows the historical side of Bercy Village, reminiscent of what it would have been like in years gone by.

HD photo of Bercy Village map with colour key showing the different stores and streets

Bercy Village map
This is a HD photo we took showing a map of Bercy Village, with a key to what each place provides, whether it be a restaurant, different types of shops, etc, and this was located on the wall by the entrance to Bercy Village.

Picture of The Frog English style pub in Bercy Village

The Frog pub Bercy Village
In this photograph you can see The Frog at Bercy Village, which is an English style pub serving beers and food, and is part of a chain of Frog Pubs, which as you can also see from this image, it is a microbrewery, and they have been brewing their own specialty beers since 1993, meaning it has become a popular tourist attraction for a home from home feeling, along with live sports action shown on large HD screens.

The Factory & Co New York style coffee shop along Cour Saint Emilion in Bercy Village

Factory & Co Bercy Village
Although we were in Paris and French cuisine is a part of the culture, at Bercy Village, which is where we were when we took this picture, you can discover numerous different types of cuisine, and as you can no doubt tell from the blackboard, this was a New York style coffee shop, jukebox bar and restaurant serving items such as bagels and burgers.

Live music at Bercy Village during the Fete de la Musique festival

Bercy Village music festival
There is always something different happening in Paris wherever you are and whatever time of year you visit, and this is a photo we took of a band that had set up within Bercy Village for the Fete de la Musique festival, which is held yearly and has become an international event.

Picture showing some of Bercy Village retail outlet signs along Rue des Pirogues

Bercy Village retail outlet signs
Here you can see a photo we took looking along the Rue des Pirogues de Bercy at some of the places you could visit while wandering around Bercy Village such as the Arena water sports boutique or the Sergio Bossi beauty and hair salon, plus there is even a Club Med Gym sports club here as you can see from the sign closest in the image.

View of the Maje and Galerie Sakura retail stores inside Bercy Village

Maje and Galerie sakura Bercy Village
Even if you do not want to rest your feet at one of the cafes, as you can see from this photo, there are also park benches within Bercy Village that you can utilise prior to visiting more boutiques like Maje and the Galerie Sakura you can also see in this image, which sells photographic art works.

The Espressemente Illy Italian coffee bar along Cour Saint Emilion in Bercy Village

Bercy Village Espressemente Illy Italian coffee bar
In this photo you can see people enjoying a drink at the Espressemente Illy Italian coffee bar, yet to the right of the image you can see an advertising board on what looks almost like a step ladder, and this provides a list of events for the month, which are taking place within Bercy Village, and there are a few of these dotted around for convenience.

Photograph of Bercy Village retail outlets along Rue Francois Truffaut

Retail outlets Rue Francois Truffaut Bercy Village
As you can see from this photo of Bercy Village, modern meets old, and there are are numerous different boutiques, shops, restaurants and cafes that you can enjoy in this area that was only redeveloped around the late 1990s and the start of 2000, but now sees millions of visitors every year.

Restaurants and cafes inside Bercy Village in the 12th Arrondissement of Paris

Restaurants and cafes at Bercy Village
Here you can see a whole row of different cafes along one of the pedestrian roads within Bercy Village, and these are great places to meet up with friends, or relax with a drink in this historical area of Paris.

Photo of the Eric Kayser restaurant along Cour Saint Emilion in Bercy Village

Eric Kayser restaurant Bercy Village
Now in this image you can see the Eric Kayser restaurant and artisan boulangerie located on the Cour Saint-Emilion in Bercy Village, and with locations in numerous countries, they specialise in breads, pastries, sandwiches, quiches, sweet desserts, etc and this one is open from breakfast through to late evening.

The retail outlet Monop Store inside Bercy Village

Monop Store Bercy Village
This is a photo we took of the Monop'Store, which is actually part of the French retail chain Monoprix, and this is located within one of the Chais, or former Wine stores within Bercy Village, when this was originally one of the largest wine markets in the world.

Picture of locals and tourists enjoying Bercy Village Paris

Locals and tourists Bercy Village
As you can no doubt tell from this picture, Bercy Village is a popular place for both tourists and locals, which now sees millions of visitors every year, and has expanded over the years with even more shops and cafes.

This photo shows one of the works of art that was on display within a covered walkway at Bercy Village

Works of art displayed at Bercy Village
This is a photo we took of one of the many unusual pictures by different artists that were on the walls of the undercover gallery arcade walkways within Bercy Village in the old restored wine warehouses at one of the entrances to the area, which are free and open from early morning through to after midnight.

Bercy Village information board on photography exhibition by artist Maia Flore

Bercy Village exhibition by Maia Flore
Bercy Village always has something different you can discover, and this is a photo we took of an information board fixed to one of the old stone wine cellars, which was providing details about an exhibition being presented here at the time called Imagine France, with photography by the artist Maia Flore.

Paris shoppers along Cour Saint Emilion in Bercy Village

Cour Saint Emilion shoppers
Shopping, eating and people watching seems to be what the majority of Bercy Village is all about, just like you can see from this photograph, yet we would like to point out that some of the boutiques did not open until between 10am and 11am when we were there, even though lots of the cafes are open for breakfast, and some of the bars do not close until the early hours of the morning.

View showing some of the converted historical wine warehouses inside Bercy Village

Historical wine warehouses Bercy Village
This is another photograph we took of an area within Bercy Village, which is a great place to visit during the warmer months when you can enjoy people watching at one of the numerous terraces or enjoy the artisan boutiques like the one with the yellow board advertising biscuits and chocolates.

Le Saint M restaurant next to Passage Saint-Emilion entrance for Bercy Village

Le Saint M restaurant Bercy Village
Here you can see an entrance to Bercy Village looking towards some of the fully restored old wine warehouses, and if you look carefully at the image, to the left hand side on the railings of Le Saint M, which is a gourmet restaurant with lovely terraces, you will see there is a plaque that states the Rue des Pirogues de Bercy.

The Partie de Campagne restaurant on Cour Saint Emilion inside Bercy Village

Partie de Campagne restaurant Bercy Village
In this photograph you can see people walking along eating ice creams and yet more terraces of cafes and restaurants that are located within the Bercy Village, with the one to the left of the image belonging to Partie de Campagne, which serves things such as homemade pies, fresh salads, and many gourmet delights. 

Photo of Nicholas wine cave next to Passage Saint-Vivant at Bercy Village

Nicholas wine cave Bercy Village
This photo shows just a couple of the many different places where you can enjoy a relaxing drink or bite to eat, and Nicholas that you can see in this image is actually a wine cave selling French wines and champagnes, plus it is a wine bar located within one of the original wine cellars.

Address and contact details

Bercy Village, Cour Saint-Emilion, 75012, Paris, Ile de France, France

Bercy Village Branch, 28 Rue Francois Truffaut, 75012, Paris, France
Tel: 0825 166075 charged
Fax: 0033 1 40 02 90 83

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