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High definition photographs of Parc de Bercy in Paris

If you ever find yourself within the 12th Arrondissement of Paris we would suggest taking the time to visit the Parc de Bercy, which as you will see from these high definition photos, this Paris park with its attractions and its beautiful gardens inside, make this a great place for relaxing or having a picnic with friends or family.
Picture of Parc de Bercy map showing the different landscaped gardens areas and attractions

Parc De Bercy Map

With this first image we have included a picture of the map of Parc de Bercy showing the many different areas, attractions and unique features that you can discover within this large park in Paris, which will hopefully help you get your bearings when looking at the where the following photos were taken.

Panoramic photo showing part of the canal water feature inside Parc de Bercy

Canal Water Feature Inside Parc De Bercy

This is a panoramic photo showing a continuation of the central water feature known as the Canal is located within the South West part of Parc de Bercy, which we took looking towards the road that goes through the park called the Rue Joseph Kessel.

View of the Parc de Bercy turtles enjoying their man made home in the middle of the lake

Parc De Bercy Turtles

A delight for both adults and children, this is a close up photo we took showing a completely different form of wildlife on the lake and as you can tell, these turtles have their very own home providing even more diversity of fauna and flora in this large urban park in Paris.

Photo looking over one of the ponds inside Parc de Bercy with its aquatic plant life thriving

Pond Plant Life Inside Parc De Bercy

Now this a photo we took showing a view over a part of the large pond belonging to the Pavillon du Lac, which is just one of the water features you can discover in the Parc de Bercy, that was incorporated and a major part of the design by architect Bernard Huet.

High definition photograph of lily pond and La Demeure X statue inside Parc de Bercy

La Demeure X In Parc De Bercy

Here you can see a statue located within a lily pond, which is called Demeure X, and located on the South East side of Parc de Bercy very close to Bercy Village, this is one of a series of Demeure abstract sculptures, which were produced by the artist Etienne Martin.

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View of people enjoying Parc de Bercy water pergola close to Pavillon du Lac

Parc De Bercy Water Pergola

With this particular photo that we took while within the Parc de Bercy, you can see the water pergola on the lake next to Pavillon du Lac, which provides a completely different area that you can relax and enjoy the tranquillity of the lake and surrounding gardens.

This photo shows the Jardin des Senteurs inside Les Parterres area of Parc de Bercy

Jardin Des Senteurs In Parc De Bercy

Within Les Parterres area of the Parc de Bercy, there are different themed gardens, and this is a photo we took showing the Jardin des Senteurs, or Scented Garden in English, which has been designed much like a formal garden where kings and queens would have walked through within the grounds of their castle or chateau.

This shot shows part of the Palais Ominisports Paris-Bercy inside Bercy park

Palais Ominisports Paris-Bercy

This image shows a part of the Palais Omnisports Paris-Bercy, or POPB for short, that at the time was having restoration work when we took this photo, and also known as the Bercy Arena, it is located at the Parc de Bercy and is host to major indoor sporting events such as tennis along with being the largest concert venue in Paris itself.

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Picture showing the Maison du Jardinage building inside Parc de Bercy Paris

Maison Du Jardinage Bercy Park

This photo shows the cobble streets, railway lines and the historical building that was once the offices for tax collection when the area was the largest wine market in the world, yet now called the House of Gardening, or Maison du Jardinage in French, this is now home to exhibitions, talks and workshops organised by professional gardeners all around the theme of fruits, vegetables and flora.

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HD photograph of Les Grandes Pelouses garden inside Bercy Park

Les Grandes Pelouses Bercy Park

With this photo you can see the view looking over to one of the areas within the Parc de Bercy, which is called Les Grandes Pelouses, and as you can tell from this image, there are plenty of different grass areas where you can enjoy laying in the sun, having a picnic, or sitting in the shade of the large trees.

Picture of pergola walkways in Jardin Romantique within Jardin Yitzhak Rabin in Parc de Bercy

Pergola Walkways Jardin Romantique

This time we took a photo showing the stone pillar pergola style walkways that are located on either side of the water feature in the Jardin Yitzhak Rabin, which is also in an area known as the Jardin Romantique, or Romantic Garden in English, and this is just one unique section of the Bercy Park you can discover.

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This photo shows the Cascade step water feature found inside the Grandes Pelouses area of Bercy Park

Cascade Water Feature Bercy Park

As you can see from this photo there is a rather unique step waterfall that leads down into the Grandes Pelouses area of Parc de Bercy from the Passerellle Simone de Beauvoir footbridge, and known as the Cascade, it was designed with granite by the JML Water Feature Design Company, who have designed many different projects for the city of Paris.

View of the unusual architecture of the Cinemateque Francaise cinema building inside Park Bercy

Cinemateque Francaise Building Park Bercy

This is a photograph we took showing the unusual architecture of the Cinemateque Francaise building, which was designed by the American architect Frank Gehry, and located on the outskirts of Parc de Bercy, it holds a a museum dedicated to cinema with a very rare and unique collection, plus shows films from around the world.

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Plant Island in the canal water feature that is inside the Jardin Romantique area of Parc de Bercy

Plant Island Jardin Romantique

In this image you can see a potted plant island feature within the central canal style water feature that is located within the Yitzhak Rabin Garden in an area of Parc de Bercy known as the Jardin Romantique, and we took this photo looking in the North West direction.

Serenading inside Parc de Bercy in Paris

Park Bercy Serenading

Also you can find numerous different areas within the Parc de Bercy gardens that have been designed for relaxation, and even for romance or serenading, just like you can see in this photo we took with the gentleman playing a guitar.

Tourists and locals relaxing within Jardin du Philosophe inside Parc de Bercy Paris

Jardin Du Philosophe Parc De Bercy

This is a photograph we took while looking into the Jardin du Philosophe, which showing plenty of people relaxing, whether it be in the shade of the many trees or in the sun on this glorious day, that has made the Parc de Bercy a popular place for both locals and tourists.

Photograph of La Vallee pathway inside Parc de Bercy

Park Bercy La Vallee Pathway

This is a photo showing a part of La Vallee, which is a purposely built pathway meandering through willow trees and other flora within Bercy Park on the North Eastern side, and as you can probably imagine from this image, it is a lovely place for a romantic stroll, or for those of you that are interested in different species of plants.

Potted Palm trees and old railway line set in cobbled street within the Jardin des Bulbes of Parc de Bercy

Jardin Des Bulbes Parc De Bercy

Now this is a picture we took while within the Jardin des Bulbes, which shows some of the beautiful palm trees in their large pots that are housed within the Orangerie during winter, not forgetting the old cobble streets and old railway lines, which have been preserved from when this area was a wine market.

Photo of The Potager with its kitchen garden inside Parc de Bercy in Paris

The Potager Park Bercy Paris

We took this photo of The Potager within the Parc de Bercy with its kitchen garden, which has been designed as an educational tool for school children, as well as adults to learn about vegetables, herbs, etc.

The Canal water feature within Jardin Yitzhak Rabin section of Parc de Bercy

The Canal Jardin Yitzhak Rabin Park Bercy

Known as the Canal, this is a HD photograph we took showing the water feature that runs through the centre of the Jardin Yitzhak Rabin while we were looking in a South East direction towards the Rue Joseph Kessel in the direction of Bercy Village.

Picture of Fete de la Musique event inside Parc de Bercy

Fete De La Musique Park Bercy

Parc de Bercy is also host to many different events throughout the year like the Fete de la Musique, which is held annually in June, and this is photo we took of just some of the people congregating ready for the major music event that was already starting and continues until the early hours.

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View showing part of the large round pond inside Parc de Bercy in Paris

Round Pond Parc De Bercy Paris

Here you can see another part of the lake or large pond that goes right the way around the Pavillon du Lac that was once the wardens house, yet now there are different areas to discover by the lake including walkways like the one to the left of this image, where you can enjoy some of the wildlife including fish, turtles, birds and ducks.

Photo showing Mallard Ducks inside the Parc de Bercy

Mallard Ducks Parc De Bercy

Biodiversity and numerous themes and elements were key factures in the design of the Parc de Bercy, which means that there is now a lot of different fauna including wild ducks like the Mallards you can see in this image, that have now made this their home, along with different garden areas having been designed to help provide a natural habitat for numerous species of wildlife.

View looking through one of the vine covered pergola walkway within Parc de Bercy

Covered Pergola Walkway In Park Bercy

This is a photograph we took looking through one of the vine covered stone pergola style walkways that run alongside the canal water feature, which was one of the elements design by the architectural firm JML in conjunction with other landscape architects.

HD Picture showing Les Treillies within Les Parterres area of Parc de Bercy

Les Treillies Inside Parc De Bercy

One of the areas within the Parc de Bercy is known as Les Parterres, where there are different themes within it, and this is a photo we took of Les Treilles area with its trellises, which is actually next to Les Vines section, all in keeping with the theme from the history of Bercy when it was a wine market.

View of Enfants du Mode statues within the Pavillon du Vent area of Parc de Bercy

Enfants Du Mode Statues Parc De Bercy

In an area of Parc de Bercy called the Pavillon du Vent you will find some unusual statues that are named the Enfants du Monde, and this is a photograph we took showing some of the Statues of Children of the World, with the closest to us representing Morocco, and the next along representing America.

View from La Vallee walkway looking through the willow trees over the lake in Park Bercy

View From La Vallee Park Bercy

Now while you are within the rather romantic and very pretty walkway area called La Vallee in the Parc de Bercy, there are several park benches where you can rest weary legs and relax in tranquillity, and we took this photo from one of these seats looking over to the lake next to the pathway.

Pathway leading to the Chai de Bercy building within the Potager garden area of Bercy Park

Chai De Bercy Building

We took this photograph looking down the walkway by the kitchen garden of the Potager towards one of the old wine store buildings now called the Chai de Bercy, as the Parc de Bercy was developed on the original wine market that was the largest of its kind in the world in its heyday.

View looking down into Park Bercy towards the Tertre area of the gardens

Tertre Area Park Bercy

We took this photo looking down over the Parc de Bercy and some of its different features located in just one small area, which was close to a water feature and the Tertre area on the South side within this urban park.

View showing part of the Grandes Pelouses garden area within Park Bercy

Les Grandes Pelouses Garden Park Bercy

In this image you can see another one of those open grass spaces ideal for family outings, or relaxing with nature, etc, and located within the Parc de Bercy, it is in an area called Les Grandes Pelouses, plus if you look carefully, you may be able to see the wooden picnic tables.

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