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French National Holidays In France

HD photographs of Pont de Tolbiac in Paris

These photographs show the Pont de Tolbiac in Paris that was designed in the 1800s by the engineers Bernard and Perous, and today this bridge crosses over the River Seine connecting Quai Francois Mauriac on the left bank to Quai de Bercy on the right bank of the river.
Panoramic photograph showing Pont de Tolbiac over the River Seine in Paris

Pont De Tolbiac In Paris

This is a panoramic photo we took of the Pont de Tolbiac that goes over the River Seine from the 13th Arrondissement to the 12th Arrondissement, and on the right hand side of the image you can see a red barge just in front of the bridge, which was a former floating lighthouse turned in the Batofar music venue and restaurant.

Photo showing Pont de Tolbiac stone work on the South East facade

Pont De Tolbiac Stone Work

Here you can see some of the detail of the stonework on the arches of the Pont de Tolbiac, along with the top stone railing, and this bridge was constructed so there would not be as much of a gap between the Pont National and the Pont de Bercy.

Photograph of the Pont de Tolbiac western side taken from Port de la Gare

Pont De Tolbiac Western Side

This photograph we took of the Pont de Tolbiac was taken while standing on the Port de la Gare, on its western side, and this was one of the last traditionally constructed bridges with stone masonry rather than reinforced concrete like the newer bridges in Paris.

View of the pathways and the traffic lanes on top of Pont de Tolbiac

Pont De Tolbiac Pathways

We took this photo showing the wide pathways and traffic lanes along the Pont de Tolbiac while heading towards the Parc de Bercy, which is a large park in Paris that has lots of trees and greenery, as you can see in the background of this image, plus there are numerous different tourist attractions and something for all the family to enjoy within this park next to the bridge.

Photo showing the Pont de Tolbiac five elliptical stone arches over the River Seine

Pont De Tolbiac Elliptical Arches

This particular photo shows the Pont de Tolbiac with its five elliptical stone arches over the River Seine in Paris, and we took this picture while standing next to the western side of the bridge along the river bank on Port de la Gare. 

HD photograph showing Pont de Tolbiac four stone pillars in the River Seine in Paris

Pont De Tolbiac Stone Pillars

This time we was standing on the quayside of Port de Tolbiac when we took this photo showing the western side of the Pont de Tolbiac in Paris, and as you can see in this high definition image the bridge has a total of four stone pillars that descend into the River Seine.

View of Pont de Tolbiac street lighting next to the dedicated cycle lane

Pont De Tolbiac Street Lighting

Not much has really changed on the Pont de Tolbiac since it was first constructed, although it did have to be repaired after a plane had crashed into it during World War II, but you will also notice from this photo, that there is now a dedicated cycle lane next to the wide path.

This HD photo shows the Pont de Tolbiac low arch design

Pont De Tolbiac Low Arches

Here you can see some barges moored up along the banks of the River Seine next to the Pont de Tolbiac showing just how low the bridges arches are to the water line, which was part of its design in 1877 by the engineers Perouse and Bernard creating a traditional and conventional bridge.

Picture showing Pont de Tolbiac plaque on the bridge

Pont De Tolbiac Plaque

Here you can see a close up photo we took of the plaque etched into the concrete on the Pont de Tolbiac, which shows that this bridge was constructed between 1879 and 1882, and was officially inaugurated in 1882.

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