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HD photos of Maison du Jardinage in Parc de Bercy Paris

These particular HD photographs show the Maison du Jardinage in Paris, or House of Gardening, which is located within the Parc de Bercy inside the Jardin Yitzhak Rabin section, and today this building has been transformed into a place that is dedicated to gardening for beginners and gardening enthusiasts.
High definition photograph of Maison du Jardinage within Jardin Yitzhak Radin in Parc de Bercy Paris

Maison Du Jardinage In Parc De Bercy

This is a photo we took of the main building of the Maison du Jardinage, with its window boxes and creeping ivy, and although this was once the offices for collecting taxes on the wines stored here, it has been transformed into a place dedicated to gardening with workshops available for adults and children to learn more about things such as what times are best to plant or sow specific flowers, vegetables , etc.

View of the Maison du Jardinage welcome sign at the entrance gateway

Maison Du Jardinage Welcome Sign

This photograph shows the welcome sign by the entrance to the Maison du Jardinage, which translates to House of Gardening, and as well as exhibitions, talks conducted by professionals, etc, as you may be able to make out from the image, there is even a library dedicated to gardening and plants that anyone can consult, whether as an amateur or as an experienced gardener.

Photograph of the Maison du Jardinage Potager area within Parc de Bercy

Maison Du Jardinage Potager

Now this is a photo we took of the Potager area of the Maison du Jardinage that is also located within the Jardin Yitzhak Rabin garden, which is a part of the Parc de Bercy, and in this image you can see some of the different vegetable plots with a wide variety of plants growing.

Image showing the South East side of the Maison du Jardinage with its greenhouse

Maison Du Jardinage South East Side

We took this photo looking at the south east side of Masion du Jardinage, along with the old cobbled street with the railways tracks that were a part of the original wine markets and warehouse area, and as you can see from this image this old building also has a large greenhouse attached to its side that holds numerous varieties of tropical plants.

HD photo showing the South facade of Maison du Jardinage with its conservatory area

Maison Du Jardinage South Facade

In this photo of the South facade, you can see some of the window boxes on the Maison du Jardinage building with different varieties of flowers contained within them, along with some parts of the conservatory trying to show itself from behind all the vines and ivies growing.

View of public information board next to some of the flower beds in Parc de Bercy

Parc De Bercy Information Board

Here you can see a plaque located by the Maison du Jardinage within the Parc de Bercy that asks people to respect the area and the floral decorations, and not to walk over the flower beds, but utilise the grass areas and lawns around for sitting on, as they also participate in the floral decoration contest.

Photograph of the Maison du Jardinage kitchen garden with its vegetables

Maison Du Jardinage Kitchen Garden

Again, while within the Potager area of the Maison du Jardinage, we took this photo showing the old building that was once a wine store, yet this is now part of the House of Gardening and the kitchen garden with its vegetables that you can see is maintained by school children under guidance of professional gardeners.

Photo of the South West facade of Maison du Jardinage with its gated entrance

Maison Du Jardinage South West Facade

Here you can see the view showing the South West side of the Maison du Jardinage and the entrance to the House of Gardening with its different exhibitions and professional gardeners on hand to answer questions, plus there are numerous different tools of the trade on display, and being open all year round it has different floral decorations according to the seasons.

View showing the Northern facade of Maison du Jardinage with its roof terrace

Maison Du Jardinage North Facade

If you would like to visit the Maison du Jardinage it is located in the 12th Arrondissement of Paris inside the Parc de Bercy, that in itself has different areas, but you would need to head for the Yitzhak Rabin gardens which is the Southern half of this large public park close to Bercy Village.

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Address and Contact Details

Maison du Jardinage
Parc de Bercy
41 Rue Paul-Belmondo
Ile de France

Tel: +33 (0) 1 53 46 19 19

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