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So when visiting the Musee du Compagnonnage museum in Paris, which is located at the former Carpenters Guild you will be able to discover tools utilised, numerous different artefacts, photographs and documents that relate to the associations of skilled craftmen through the ages.

You can see numerous items on display from many different fields such as carpenters, plumbers, and those that have perfected the works of iron, masonry, cabinet making and pastry making to name a few that have come from the skills of craftsmen from all over France throughout the past few centuries.

There are some fabulous pieces on display from each field of expertise, yet the library also houses a fabulous collection of books relating to each subject, which is particularly useful to those that are studying a particular field of expertise or are looking at embarking on an apprenticeship.

In addition, there is also a restaurant located here called the Aux Charpentiers, where trainees and apprentices learning the art of French cuisine, restaurant management, being a sommelier and much more, which makes this one of the unique restaurants in Paris with a rich history to accompany it.

Access to Musee du Compagnonnage Museum in Paris

This library come bookstore and museum in Paris is open on a Monday to Friday from 2pm through to 6pm, however, it is always closed at weekends and on all national French holidays.

And located within the Saint Germain des Pres area of Paris, you may also be pleased to know that the Museum of Apprenticeship is also completely free to enter for all.

The Musee du Compagnonnage is situated in the 6th Arrondissement and is close to numerous other tourist attractions in Paris such as the Musee Eugene Delacroix that is dedicated to the painter, the Musee Dupuytren that looks at anatomy and pathology, which is located at the old Refectoire des Cordeliers and many others like the Luxembourg Gardens.

More information on Musee du Compagnonnage

  -  Aux Charpentiers Bistro

Address and Contact details

Le Compagnonnage Musee - Librairie
10 Rue Mabillon
Ile de France

Tel: +33 (0) 1 43 26 25 03

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Musee du Compagnonnage Museum in Paris

This museum traces the history of craftsman and apprenticeship in France from the Middle Ages and is housed in the former headquarters of the Carpenters Guild, but it is also a library and a place for finding out about training and information in the different crafts.

About the Musee du Compagnonnage Museum in Paris

Apprenticeships and colleges have been around for centuries throughout the world and the Musee du Compagnonnage, which generally translates to the Museum of Apprenticeships traces the rich history of craftsmen throughout France from the Middle Ages.

An apprenticeship federation was first launched in the city of Tours in the Centre region of France and then expanded to other cities including Paris, and these are designed to provide information and support on training apprenticeships, but also on an educational aspect and information on the rich heritage of different crafts throughout the ages.
Musee du Compagnonnage
Compagnonnage Museum
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