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We were again in the Jardin Marco Polo within the Jardin des Grands Explorateurs located in the 6th Arrondissement of Paris, when we took these high definition photos showing the turtles by Emmanuel Fremiet within the famous fountain referred to as the Fontaine de l'Observatoire.

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Turtle statue by Emmanuel Fremiet
Although the fountain has an official name of Fontaine des Quatre Parties du Monde, which translates in English to Fountain of the Four Parts of the World, it is also referred to as the Carpeaux Fountain, relating to one of the sculptors, however, there were several French sculptors that worked on different parts of this.
Turtle statue at Fontaine des Quatre Parties du Monde
So, the turtles, or tortoises, that you will see within the base of the fountain were made of bronze, and you will find that there are eight of these in total that all face inwards towards the centre piece of the fountain, and these squirt water directly up to the main sculpture, but unfortunately, this was not running when we took these HD photos.
Jardin des Grands Explorateurs turtle statue
We mentioned that there were different French sculptors who worked on this fountain, and the turtles were sculpted by the famous animal sculptor Emmanuel Fremiet, and although work started on this ornamental decoration for the newly laid out Jardin des Grands Explorateurs, it was halted during the Franco-Prussian war and resumed again afterwards.
Emmanuel Fremiet turtle statues
And in this close up photograph you can see the exactness in which the turtles were designed, as Emmanuel Fremiet devoted most of his works to producing animal sculptures, and he became the professor of animal drawing for the Natural History Museum in Paris, located within the Jardin des Plantes.
Fontaine des Quatre Parties du Monde turtle statues
But in this last photo you can see the whole fountain with the other features including the statues of horses as well as the turtles, and Emmanuel Fremiet was also commissioned to sculpt these as well, yet his most famous work is the golden equestrian statue of Joan of Arc that can be seen at the Place des Pyramides in Paris.

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