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We were again by the River Seine in the 1st Arrondissement of Paris and looking towards one of the facades of the Musee du Louvre when we took these high definition photos of a statue by Jean Auguste Barre called Pomone, the Goddess of Fruit Abundance.

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Roman Goddess of Fruit Abundance sculpted by Jean Barre
This first HD photo shows the statue of Pomona located in a niche on the Pavillon de Tremoille wing of the former Palais du Louvre, and this is to the left of the entrance archways to the Cour du Carrousel as you are looking at the facade from the River Seine.

And this was produced by Jean Auguste Barre who was born in Paris in September 1811 and became a French sculptor initially training with his father, and then entering the Ecole des Beaux Arts.

He first exhibited at the 1831 Paris Salon and was one of the first sculptors to make miniatures of famous people such as Napoleon III, yet Jean Auguste Barre is most famous for his portrait statues.
Goddess Pomona statue on Pavillon de Tremoille
Now this image shows a close view of the statue called Pomone in French, which is designed to represent the Goddess of Fruit abundance in Roman mythology, and in English she is known as Pomona.

So, Pomona originally comes from the Latin word Pomum, which means fruit, or more specifically orchard fruit, which is why the statue has been sculpted to include different orchard fruits that Pomona is holding within her skirt, and this was first put in place in 1866.

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