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Cafe Grand Louvre
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Cafe Grand Louvre in Paris

The Café Grand Louvre is just one of the cafes and restaurants located at the famous Louvre museum and with such a wide choice of different meals to choose from here, you will never go hungry, whether it be in the Tuileries Gardens like the Italian restaurant Cafe Reale, or in the Louvre itself like the Cafe Richelieu Angelina or the Cafe Mollien that overlooks Cour Napoleon.

The Cafe Grand Louvre is located underneath the Pyramid, just like the Cafes de la Pyramide and the Comptoir, so as you can tell, when you wish to visit the Louvre museum or experience the rich history of the palace and its architecture, then you will have plenty of choice.

About the Cafe Grand Louvre

As we have already mentioned, the Cafe Grand Louvre is located under the prestigious I M Pei glass pyramid and is a 120 metre squared venue that has been completely renovated and redesigned.
After the renovations was completed the new interior is now very bright and colourful in a contemporary style with mustard yellow coloured chairs and tables and the same coloured flooring that is mixed with a bright rich blue coloured bar, chocolate coloured table cloths and a lighter hue in the ceiling with ceiling lights.

Also, the French cuisine at the Cafe Grand Louvre has also been completely revamped by the chef, which mixes the traditional with contemporary for a more trendy style, and they provide everything from the café style food through to an a la carte menu that is fit for virtually any restaurant in Paris.

The French cuisine at the Cafe Grand Louvre in Paris

Some of delights and specialities at this cafe in Paris include a hamburger with French fries and a choice of sauce for €18.80, Foie Gras with brioche French toast and fig chutney for €21.20 or a toasted ham sandwich topped with Saint Marcellin cheese for €17 as of 2012.

However, there is also a formula available where you can have a starter and main course or a main course and dessert for €22.80 as of 2012.  And as well as the special of the day, an example of one such formula you could have is marinated mullet and crunchy vegetable for starters and duck shepherds pie with wine sauce for the main course.

Yet if you really want to enjoy cuisine like you would at one of the restaurants in Paris, then this is also not a problem, as the Café Grand Louvre is more like an upscale Brasserie and has an a la carte option available as well.

So you could also experience delights such as chicken tandoori and perfumed rice in banana leaves or grilled rib steak with French fries as a main course, but for those of you that prefer fish, how about salmon with pepper coulis and Chinese cabbage.  There are also side dishes available such mashed potato, green beans or a green salad and much more.

Access the Cafe Grand Louvre Brasserie in Paris

Located at the most famous museum in Paris, the Musee du Louvre, the Cafe Grand Louvre is located underneath the I M Pei glass pyramid and can be access via the pyramid itself.

Situated in the 1st Arrondissement of Paris, the nearest Metro station is the Palais Royal - Musee du Louvre stop, however, if you have your own transport with you whilst you are on holiday in Paris, then there is also parking available at the Caroussel du Louvre car park.

The Cafe Grand Louvre is open every day except for a Tuesday, stating from 11.30am to 6pm for lunches and dinners and no reservations are necessary.

There is also a bar that serves cocktails, wine, other beverages, plus there are even homemade milkshakes and smoothies available in variety of flavours that the children will absolutely love.

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Cafe Grand Louvre Address and Contact Details:

Cafe Grand Louvre
Musee du Louvre
Ile de France

Tel: +33 (0) 1 40 20 53 63
Fax: +33 (0) 1 42 86 04 63

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