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Cafe Richelieu Angelina
Cafe Richelieu Angelina
Cafe Richelieu Angelina Mont-Blanc Pastry
Cafe Richelieu Angelina Salads
Cafe Richelieu Angelina Pastries
Cafe Richelieu Angelina Deserts

Cafe Richelieu Angelina in The Louvre

There are numerous different tea rooms, restaurants and cafes that are located either within or close to numerous different tourist attractions in Paris and The Louvre museum is no exception, as you have the Cafe Richelieu Angelina and the Mollien inside, along with the Cafe Grand Louvre and the Comptoir under the famous pyramid, plus the Cafe Reale Italian restaurant in the Tuileries Gardens.

About the Café Richelieu Angelina

The original Angelina tea room was founded back in 1903 opposite the Jardin de Tuileries and has become famous for its signature beverage of hot chocolate along with a traditional homemade pastry that also remains a closely guarded secret.

Yet, now you not only have the option of the original Angelina tea room, but there are also other Angelina tea rooms and restaurants that have opened their doors in Paris and these include one at the Palais de Congres, another at Chateau de Versailles plus at the Petit Trianon at the Versailles castle and another in the Jardin d’Acclamation, in addition to the original tea room on the Rue de Rivoli.
And now the Cafe Richelieu Angelina has opened up in the Richelieu wing of the Musee du Louvre on the first floor of this famous museum in Paris, with the same delights on offer and even more besides.

Situated only a few steps away from the Napoleon III Apartments, this cafe in Paris is situated in the former offices of the finance minister and is in a completely unique setting close to painting of Rubens, Vermer and Durer.

The cuisine at the Cafe Richelieu Angelina

As you can expect the menu is made up of mainly snacks and pastries like the signature Mont-Blanc pastry, but there are also breakfasts, brunch, salads, starters and main courses if you want a little more luxury and to rest those weary feet while you are visiting the Louvre museum.

Club sandwiches such as the Angelina Club Sandwich with chicken, bacon, tomatoes, hard boiled egg, salad, vegetable chips and seasonal mixed greens or the Scandinavian Club Sandwich with smoked salmon, cucumbers, hard boiled egg, salad, vegetable chips and seasonal mixed greens are available as is a toasted ham and cheese sandwich or Quiche Lorraine.

Large Salads such as the Angelina salads with duck Foie Gras or Norwegian smoked salmon combined with artichoke, French green beans, tomato, boiled egg and mixed salad are available and all of these range in cost from around €15 up to around €22 as of 2012.

Breakfasts that are called the Parisian or the Angelina’s are available and include tea, coffee or the famous Angelina hot chocolate plus a fruit juice, mini pastries and a bun with butter, honey and jam and start at around €20 per person.

But if you would like to opt for the Brunch, then you will be looking at a cost of around €45 plus per person as of 2012.  Yet this includes extras on the breakfast such as Viennese pastries, smoke salmon warm blinis with a lemon and chive cream or a duck Foie Gras terrine with fig chutney, a fruit salad and mini macaroon, plus you can even have a glass of champagne, if you are here on holiday in Paris celebrating a special occasion.

There is a wide variety of different pastries available from the classics like a chocolate eclair or a lemon custard tartlet, through to the Mont-Blanc secret recipe with meringue, Chantilly whipped cream, delicate dark chocolate leaves, chocolate and chestnut vermicelli, plus there are macaroons.

However, you could opt for a starter at the Café Richelieu Angelina like three pepper marinated shrimps with sucrine lettuces and a mustard dressing or gazpacho, guacamole cream and diced cucumber costing from €12 up to €26 as of 2012.

The main courses are all around the €25 mark and could be delights such as fillet of sea bass with popped rice, Comte cheese and shells cream or herb crusted veal with vegetable tian and a lemon thyme juice.

And there are of course many different types of beverages to choose from like their famous hot chocolate which is available at the Cafe Richelieu Angelina, along with different teas, through to soft drinks, wines, appetisers and spirits.

Access to the Café Richelieu Angelina

Located within the Louvre museum it is on the first floor of the Richelieu wing and can only be accessed whilst you are visiting the Musee du Louvre.

On a Monday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday this tea room in Paris is open from 9am through to 5pm.

However, on a Wednesday and Friday, the café Richelieu Angelina is open from 9am to 7pm, yet it is closed on a Tuesday, same as The Louvre itself is closed.

No reservations are required and it is a non-stop service that is available from when they open right through the day.

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Cafe Richelieu
Musee du Louvre
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