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Cafes de la Pyramide
Cafes de la Pyramide Cuisine
Cafes de la Pyramide
Cafes de la Pyramide Takeaway

Cafes de la Pyramide at The Louvre in Paris

Even though there are specific cafes and restaurants at the Louvre museum like the Cafe Grande Louvre along with the Cafe Richelieu Angelina tea room and snack cafes like the Cafe Mollien, you also have even more choice today with places like the Cafes de la Pyramide.

As the name suggests, the Cafes de la Pyramide are located underneath the pyramid on the Richelieu mezzanine and these have a contemporary style that goes well with the contrasts of the Musee du Louvre itself, and there is a wide selection of cuisine to suite all tastes from different sections.

About the cuisine at the Cafes de la Pyramide

The cuisine served utilises fresh ingredients and the majority of the cuisine is traditional French food, however there are also Italian choices and more to tempt those taste buds and provide a hearty meal to get your energy levels up for exploring this famous museum in Paris.
To start with you have the Wok kiosk with delights such as lamb with basil, lemongrass chicken, squid with garlic, pasta Carbonara, penne with smoked salmon, tortellini with pesto and much more.

Then there is the Mijote, which will serve you delights such as Basque style farm chicken, lasagne or the traditional French dish of Beouf Bourguignon.

But maybe you would prefer to experience the Vapour kiosk that provides dishes such as ravioli with vegetables, julienned fillet with orange zest, Chinese dumplings with prawns, salmon steak with lemon and herbs or a pollock fillet with fennel.

However, there is also the Plancha that provides meat dishes like skewered chicken curry, pork barbecue skewer, steak, etc and as of 2012 any main dish at one of the kiosks within the Cafes de la Pyramide is €9.

But then there is the Saveurs and Styles if you want something entirely different like quiche and a small salad or pizza and a small salad, yet you could also opt for one of the different soups available or a hot beverage and a tart or cup cake and these range in cost from around €6 up to €9.50.

Yet there is also La Boutique within the Cafes de la Pyramide, which is a takeaway that provides a wide choice of sandwiches and drinks along with a range of gifts and souvenirs you can purchase.

Access to the Cafes de la Pyramide

As the name suggests and we mentioned before, these are located underneath the I M Pei Pyramid at the Louvre museum and are in the Richelieu wing on the Mezzanine level near to the Cour Marly.  And the Cafes de la Pyramide along with the La Boutique takeaway can be accessed via the Richelieu escalators.

All of these kiosks are open from 10.30am and on a Monday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday they close at 5pm, however on a Wednesday and Friday the Cafes de l a Pyramide do not close until 7pm.

There are of course no reservations necessary, although you do often have queue for quite a while at peak times, especially in the height of season when the Louvre is even more busy, and the same applies on the one Sunday in the month when access to the Musee du Louvre is completely free for everyone.

Also, at any of the cafes and restaurants, the Louvre can organise private meetings, receptions, dinners, cocktail parties and lunches all personally catered to the individual needs of the group.

And this way, you can enjoy that special occasion, even if it be for your wedding in Paris or other celebration by experiencing the history of the Louvre museum along with its fabulous architecture and the rich collections housed within the most famous museum in the world.

Of course this would be combing the cuisine, whether it be as a sit down meal or buffet style luncheon and there is a specialist team who will take care of everything for you and your guests.  So if you wished to find out more, then you would need to telephone the Louvre on +33 (0) 1 40 20 53 20.

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