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We took these high definition photos of statue called the Monument Theophile Roussel by Jean Baptiste Champeil, which is located at the junction, or intersection of the Avenue Denfert-Rochereau and Avenue L'Observatorie in the 14th Arrondissement of Paris.

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Theophile Roussel statue by artist Jean Baptiste Champeil
In this first HD photo you can see the full limestone statue and monument dedicated to the memory of Theophile Roussel, and on the very top is a bust of him, and there is a statue group positioned in front of the column depicting a woman, with two young children, which relates to one of his major works.
Bust of Theophile Roussel in Paris
Now this next image shows a close up of the bust depicting Theophile Roussel, and as you can see there are two years inscribed underneath, the first being 1816, which is the year he was born, and the other states 1903, which is the year he passed away.
Woman with children statues on Theophile Roussel monument
So, Theophile Roussel was a medical doctor, and politician, and he was instrumental in passing a law about Child Protection back in 1874, yet also wrote books and research papers on a condition called Pellagra, which turned out to be a deficiency through malnutrition in Vitamin B3, originally referred to as Vitamin PP, and the idea of the allegory statue group you can see in this image, was a woman protecting young vulnerable children.
West side view of Theophile Roussel bust statue
And in this side view showing the bust of Theophile Roussel, you can also see a description underneath this on the pedestal, which when translated to English, it generally reads, The motto of your life this is charity and kindness, and relates very well to him, due to the fact that he bequeathed a library and money to build a hospital hospice to his home town.
West side inscription on Theophile Roussel monument
Yet this shows an additional inscription further down the stone pedestal, which we have tried to translate, but not very successfully, so if anyone can provide a good English translation, it would be very much appreciated.
Inscription on the back of Theophile Roussel monument
Now this photograph shows the back of the stone statue, and again it has another inscription, dedicated to the work that Theophille Roussel achieved, and translated to English these read; Law of 23rd January 1873 tending to repress alcoholism. Law of 23rd December 1874 on the protection of children. Law of 24th July 1889 on the protection of maltreated children or morally abandoned.
Eastside inscription on Theophile Roussel monument
And here is the opposite side view of the stone statue that was produced by Jean-Baptiste Champeil, and you can also see a part of the statue group where the woman is holding the young child, which of course relates to the inscription we mentioned above, and this particular side also mentions that Roussel was a Senator and a member of the Institue of the Academy of Medicine.
Lozerienne plaque on Theophile Roussel monument
Yet this next image shows a plaque put in place stating Lozerienne the Association's founder, Centenary 1st Nov 1980, yet you can also see the name of the artist inscribed on the base of the statue, and Jean-Baptiste Antoine Champeil was born in 1866 in Paris, and studied to become a French sculptor, winning the Prix de Rome in 1896, and was awarded the Legion of Honor in 1906.
Leon Chifflot inscription on Theophile Roussel monument
Now J B Champeil produced many memorial statues and sculpture groups during his short life, as he passed away in 1913 at the young age of 47, but in this last close up HD photo you can also see etched into the limestone at the base of the statue is the name Leon Chifflot who was an architect that was instrumental in designing this monument.

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