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HD photographs of the Lion statues by Auguste Cain on Aile Flore at Musee du Louvre - Page 289

This time we were within the Cour du Carrousel courtyard of the Louvre Museum, which is probably one of the most famous tourist attractions in Paris, located in the 1st Arrondissement right by the River Seine, when we took these HD photos of the lions by Auguste Cain.

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Lion Statues On Aile Flore Paris

Now these two bronze lionesses are located at the entrance to the Aile Flore, which is known as the Gate of Lions and faces north into the Cour du Carrousel, whereas there are two other lions on the opposite facade facing south that were produced by a different artist.

Bronze Lion Statue Sculpted By Auguste Cain

In this high definition photo you can see one of the Lionesses next to the sign for the Porte des Lions, which is an alternative entrance to the impressive Musee du Louvre that often has shorter queues than entering via the pyramid, and these animal statues were sculpted by Auguste Cain and cast in bronze by the Thiebaut Foundry in 1867.

Bronze Lion Statue At The Gate Of Loins

So in this close up photo of one of the lionesses, just named Lionnes in French, you can see the detail that went into producing this wild animal based upon a Sahara lioness, and Auguste Cain, who was born in Paris in 1821, studied art under Auguste Rude and then under Pierre-Jules Mene, who was a great animal sculpture.

Porte Des Lions 1867 Bronze Lioness Statue

And in fact, August Cain married the daughter of Pierre-Jules Mene, and even took over his foundry when he passed away, but getting back to his work, by the 1860s August Cain became renowned for his realistic and impressive sculptures of wild animals, and started receiving public commissions for animal statues, especially lions, and many of these can be seen today such as the one here plus within the Tuileries Gardens and the Jardin du Luxembourg.

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