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HD photographs of Paul Verlaine monument by Niderhausen-Rodo in Luxembourg Gardens - Page 295

We were back at the Jardin du Luxembourg, located in the 6th Arrondissement of Paris, when we took these high definition photos of the statue called the Monument to Verlaine, which was sculpted by the artist Niederhausen and this is one of many statues you can visit located within this free public garden.

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Paul Verlaine Monument By Auguste De Niderhausen-Rodo

So this first HD photo shows the main part of the statue dedicated to the poet Paul Verlaine, whose poems were even used as a signal for the French Resistance when certain lines were read out on the radio during World War II, and this statue is located on the western side of the Jardin du Luxembourg, which is close to the Rue Guynemer in the 6th Arrondissement.

Paul Verlaine Monument In Luxembourg Gardens

It was after the death of Verlaine that a committee headed by his editor decided to erect a monument in his memory, and the artist Auguste de Niderhausen-Rodo was chosen for the project and on 15th February 1897, the newspaper called La Plume announced a public subscription.

Jardin Du Luxembourg Paul Verlaine Monument

The marble bust has deliberately distorted features, and is placed on a curved top and carved pedestal in stone, that as you can see from this image, also has three female figures emerging from it, and the monumental statue was eventually completed and inaugurated until 28th May 1911.

Marble Bust Of Paul Verlaine In Luxembourg Grdns

Now this photograph shows a close of the bust of Verlaine, which was produced by the Auguste Niderhausen-Rodo, sometimes referred to as Auguste Rodo of Niederhausen, and born in 1863, he became a French sculptor, although he is very little known compared to other sculptors of the same era, and it was only two years after this particular marble statue was inaugurated that he passed away in 1913.

Three Souls On Pedestal Of Paul Verlaine Monument

And this close up HD photo shows the stone sculpture on the pedestal base, that was designed to represent the three souls of Paul Verlaine, and these females are meant to be a religious soul, a sensual soul and soul of a child, although some refer to these figures emerging from the stone as the ghosts haunting the memory of the poet.

Stone And Marble Monument Of Paul Verlaine

So here you can see the full scale of this large monument to Verlaine surrounded by a flowerbed and lawn, and to give you more of an idea of its size, the marble bust is 0.70 metres in itself, not including the shaped pedestal and base.

Inscription On The Paul Verlaine Monument

But in this close up you can see the stone plaque located near to the base of the monument, which as you can see shows two different years, and the first is for when Paul Verlaine was born in March 1844 in Metz, yet he was educated in Paris and entered the civil service, although his passion was for writing and poetry, with his first poem being published in 1863, followed by a collection in 1866.

Garden Area Around The Paul Verlaine Monument

Paul Verlaine married, but ended up with drug dependency and was violent with alcohol, and abandoning his wife he had a stormy affair with a young man called Arthur Rimbaud who was also a poet, then later with one of his pupils where he taught, but the drug addiction and alcoholism took its toll and he died in Paris in January 1896 at the age of only 51, although his poems were highly regarded and he had been elected the Prince of Poets by his peers in 1894.

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