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HD photographs of Goddess of the hunt statue inside Luxembourg Gardens in Paris - Page 278

We were enjoying the numerous different statues and sculptures that are located within the Jardin du Luxembourg, when we took these high definition photos of the Goddess of the hunt statue called Diane a la Biche.

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Goddess Of The Hunt Statue Luxembourg Gardens

This first HD photo shows the Goddess of the hunt statue named Diane a la Biche located in the central area of the garden in front of the Palais du Luxembourg, which is a part of building, originally a palace, that you can see behind.

Goddess Of The Hunt Statue And Stone Base

According to the French Senate who maintain the Luxembourg Gardens and its many statues, this is called Diane a la Biche, Sculpture d'après l'antique, which basically translates in English to Diana to the Doe, From the antique sculpture, and it is in fact very similar to one known as Diane de Versailles, that can now be found inside the Musee du Louvre in an area specifically designed for the statue.

Diane A La Biche Marble Statue

Unfortunately there are no exact details of who produced this statue or when it was sculpted, but it is made of marble and with a height of 2.15 metres, it is positioned on a stone base, and was within the Jardin du Luxembourg adorning the head of the parterre garden during the First Empire.

Location Of The Goddess Of The Hunt Statue

Now this next photograph gives you a greater idea of where the statue of Diane is located, and as you can tell, with the well kept lawns and flowerbeds, you cannot get up close, but it provides a lovely view towards the Luxembourg palace.

Diane A La Biche Statue Luxembourg Gardens

Diane in French or Diana in English, is the Goddess of hunting in Roman mythology, which is why she is often portrayed in a short tunic accompanied by a young deer or hunting dogs, and in this particular statue of Diane a la Biche you can see she is also reaching for her weapon.

Back View Of Diane A La Biche Statue

This photo shows the back of the marble statue of Diane and a lovely view of the young deer at her side, plus you can also see her quiver over the shoulder, which is the container that would hold her arrows, and this is one of the items that the mythological Roman goddess is often portrayed as having with her.

Side View Of Diane A La Biche Statue

And in this last image you can see the opposite side of the marble statue of Diane a la Biche, which is sometimes known as Diane Chasseresse, and in English this translates to Diana Huntress, yet as well as being the goddess of the hunt, Diana was also referred to as a protector of childbirth in mythology, and she was worshipped by women for either becoming pregnant or having an easy delivery.

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