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While we were heading towards the Gare Denfert-Rochereau train station in the 14th Arrondissement of Paris, we came across a small square and took these high definition photos of a Monument to Charlet that was produced by Alexandre Charpentier.

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N T Charlet monument by A Charpentier
In this first HD photo, you can see a monument surround by railings, which is made of stone with a bronze medallion on the column, and located within the Square Abbe Migne at the Place Denfeert-Rochereau this is dedicated to Nicolas Toussaint Charlet.
Bronze medallion of Nicolas Toussaint Charlet
And this close up photo of the bronze medallion depicts a likeness of Nicolas Toussaint Charlet, who was a French designer and painter specialising in military subjects and he produced around 2000 lithographs along with numerous oil sketching paintings, drawings, etc.
Date inscription on N T Charlet monument
Now this close up photograph shows the very base of the statue with the surname, yet the A translates in English as To rather than his initials, and you can also see two dates, which are 1792, the year Nicolas Toussaint Charlet was born, and the year 1845 when he passed away in the October of that year.
Nicolas Toussaint Charlet monument in Square Abbe Migne
So, this Monument To Charlet was actually produced by Alexandre Charpentier who was born in 1856 and became a French sculptor, medallist and cabinet maker, and this was first put in place in the 1890s with additional stone statues positioned on it.
Stone column with its bronze medallion
But unfortunately, the original stone statues went into major disrepair and the monument was restored in 1907 with the figures then being cast in bronze, however, these were melted down during the Nazi occupation of Paris in World War II, so the only sculptural part you can see today is the bronze medallion.
N T Charlet monument in 14th Arrondissement of Paris
So this image shows the Monument A Charlet, as it is called in French, and you can see its location in the Square Abbe Migne, which is sometimes referred to as the Square de l'Abbe Migne, and if you look carefully, you can see a part of the Gare Denfert-Rochereau behind, which is classed as an historical monument being the oldest train station in Paris and is still in operation.
Square Abbe Migne and N T Charlet monument
Yet this last image shows the opposite side of this now rather bland monument, that was unfortunately never restored again to its former glory, but surrounded by trees and park benches, this is a lovely place to relax only a stone's throw from other statues, monuments and tourist attractions in Paris.

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