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HD photographs of Francois-Vincent Raspail monument inside Square Jacques Antoine - Page 4

We were again at the Place Denfert-Rochereau in the 14th Arrondissement of Paris, when we took these high definition photos showing the Monument to Raspail, which is located within the Square Jacques Antoine.

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Francois-Vincent Raspail Monument By Leopold Morice Square Jacques Antoine

This first HD photo shows the entire moment dedicated to Francois-Vincent Raspail as you will get to see it today, as there was once a bronze statue of Raspail positioned on the top, but was melted down during the occupation of Paris in World War II.

Francois-Vincent Raspail Monument Square Jacques Antoine

The Monument to Raspail was a collaboration between the sculptor Leopold Morice and his brother, the architect Charles Morice, and starting to be produced in 1897, this was first placed within the Square Jacques Antoine in 1899.

National Subscription On Raspail Monument

Now on one side of the Raspail Monument you can see inscribed into the stonework on the base the world Souscription Nationale, which in English translates to National Subscription, and above this there is still some bronze remaining that has been cast in the form of different leaves including palms.

South Bronze Bas Relief Francois-Vincent Raspail Monument

Francois-Vincent Raspail was born in January 1794 and became a physician, chemist and politician, and this close up photo shows the bronze bas relief on the south side of the monument depicting raspail as a politician, which was sculpted by Leopold Morice.

West Side Of Francois-Vincent Raspail Monument

But here you can see another side of the Raspaill Monument with an additional stone bas relief, and as you can see unfortunately it is showing signs of its age with the amount of dirt and moss, although it still has railings around it so that people cannot get too close and cause more damage.

Front Of Francois-Vincent Raspail Monument By Leopold Morice

Yet here you can see the front of the Monument to Raspail, which has his initials and surname engraved on the socle along with his years of birth and death, being 1794 - 1878, and this was designed by the architect Charles Morice, and initially had a bronze statue of Francois-Vincent Raspail positioned on the top.

North Bronze Bas Relief Francois-Vincent Raspail Monument

So here you can see the north side bronze bas relief that was sculpted by Leopold Morice, which was fortunately not melted down during World War II when Paris was under occupation, and this depicts Francois-Vincent Raspail in the role of a physician tending to a patient.

Monument Francois-Vincent Raspail In Square Jacques Antoine

Also on this same side of the Raspail Monument there is an inscription on the stone socle and the left hand side part states, Raspail Promotor du suffrage universel en 1834 (Journal de Reformateur), which in English generally translates to Raspail Proponent of universal suffrage in 1834 (Journal of Reformer).

North Side Inscription Francois-Vincent Raspail Monument

However, this photo shows a closer view of the inscription on the north side of the monument, and the right hand side engraving states Le 25 Fevrier 1848 Raspail proclaime le Republique sur la Place de l'Hotel de Ville, which again in English generally translates to On 25th February 1848 Raspail proclaimed the Republic at the Hotel de Ville, or City Hall.

West Side Stone Relief Francois-Vincent Raspail Monument

Although, this is a close up photo of the stone relief, and although we are not sure exactly what this was designed to represent, we believe that the way the man is reaching up to grills, it could depict Francois-Vincent Raspail when he was imprisoned after participating in organising a demonstration that was deemed by the government to be an attempted coup.

Raspail Monument Bronze Bas Relief North Side

And here is a close up photo showing the north side bas relief on the Monument to Raspail, which as we mentioned earlier, depicts Francois-Vincent Raspail in his role as a physician, or doctor, publishing books on the subject of health and disease.

C Morice Inscription On Raspail Monument

Whereas this close up high definition photo shows the name C Morice inscribed into the Raspail Monument close to the base on one of the corner pillars, which is on the side facing north, and he was an architect and designer of this monument, born in 1848, passing away in 1908.

SW Corner Francois-Vincent Raspail Monument

But it was his older brother, Leopold Morice, who was born in 1846, that became a French sculptor and worked on all the different details for this Monument to Raspail that you can see in this image, plus it was these two brothers that worked together to produce the Republic monument, which is no doubt their most famous work.

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