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While within the Barriere d'Enfer at the Place Denfert-Rochereau in the 14th Arrondissement of Paris, we took these high definition photos showing some scale models that you can discover.

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1937 1/50th Scale Model of Paris City quarries and underground utilities
This first HD photo shows a 1/50th scale model that was produced back in 1937 to show the sub soil, old limestone quarries and consolidation works that were undertaken in the city of Paris.
Scale model Paris City underground quarries
And these models were produced to scale from plans that were drawn up by the engineer of public works in the city of Paris, Mr Tissier, and were constructed by the Atelier Styl and the Society L Durigneux & Co.
Model of sewer tunnel and phone cables under Paris
Now as you can see, there are different tags that have been added to the models explaining what different parts represent, and the first generally translates in English to the Gallery of telephone cables, whereas the one to the right stating Egout, means Sewer.
Model of Paris underground quarries with pillars
There are actually over 300 kilometres of old limestone quarries beneath the city of Paris, which is why much consolidation work has had to be undertaken over the years in order to make buildings above more stable, like adding pillars far beneath ground level.
1/50th Scale Model of Paris buildings, Metro and utilities
Yet this view of the 1/50th scale model provides a better idea of what it is like beneath our feet and the buildings that have been constructed above, and although you cannot see the individual information tags in this photo, we feel that it's a great perspective.
Model of Paris City underground consolidation pillars
However, this photograph shows a little more detail of particular elements that are found in the sub soils below Paris, and the two bottom information tags state that the left hand side one is one of the building consolidation pillars and the other is the staircase of communication between two floors.
Scale Model of telephone cables under Paris City
So as you can no doubt tell from this image, the scale models that were originally produced back in 1937 are on display behind glass cases, so as to keep these preserved for people to still admire today and for years to come.
Model of Paris sub soil layers displayed at Place Denfert-Rochereau
But this photo shows that the model is displaying three distinctly different layers below ground with the first stating embankments, then its Beachamp sands and the third is Marl, also referred to as marlstone, which is a lime-rich mud or mud stone, plus this model states loose stones on this level as well.
1937 Paris City Scale Models tourist info plaque
Whereas this is a close up photo we took showing the tourist information plaque located next to one of the models, and these 1/50th scale models are located with the eastern pavilion of the Barriere d'Enfer, and as you go in the entrance, these can be found to the right hand side.
Info plaque on model of Paris quarries
Although this photo shows a small information plaque located at the bottom corner of a model, and when translated to English this reads, Model representing the basement of Paris with coarse limestone quarries.

So it is quite apt that these models are located at the Place Denfert-Rochereau, as they are right next to the popular tourist attraction of the Catacombes, which is the museum showcasing the burial place of millions within the old mining quarries.

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