Square de l'Abbe Migne in Paris

This is a small square and garden in Paris that is located within the Place Denfert-Rochereau and was named after a French priest and theologist, plus there are the remnants of a statue dedicated to the artist Charlet, along with trees such as a ginkgo biloba and plenty of floral decorations.

About Square de l'Abbe Migne

This is a small square located behind the east Pavillons d’Enfer, which were the tax offices for the Wall of the Farmers General, and you can enjoy a view to this historical monument in Paris from one of the park benches.
Square de l'Abbe Migne Paris
Located within the Place Denfert-Rochereau, it was named after Jacques Paul Migne who was a French priest that published theological works intended for the Catholic priesthood and is opposite the historical train station in Paris called the Gare Denfert-Rochereau.

And within the Square de l'Abbe Migne you will find a monument that was dedicated to the artist Nicolas Toussaint Charlet, who produced around 2000 lithographs along with numerous oil sketching paintings, drawings, etc, mainly military related.

This memorial was produced in stone by the French artist Alexandre Charpentier back in 1897, yet unfortunately, much restoration had to be done by 1907, and the original stone figures were recast in bronze and a new bronze medallion was placed on the pedestal.
However, when Paris was under occupation during World War II, the rooster on top along with the other bronze figures were melted down, which is the same fate that happened to many statues in Paris, just like another within the Square Claude-Nicolas Ledoux situated only a few steps away.  So this means that the only part of the memorial to Charlet you can see today, is the pedestal with the bronze medallion.

Yet in the Square de l'Abbe Migne you can enjoy beautiful flower decorations at different times of the year such as tulips and roses, along with some lovely trees like maple, and a ginkgo biloba, also known as a maidenhair tree while you relax on one of the park benches next to the lawn.

Visiting Square de l'Abbe Migne in Paris

Now when it comes to visiting this square in Paris, as we mentioned earlier, it is situated within the Place Denfert-Rochereau, which is in the 14th Arrondissement, where you can also see the Lion de Belfort statue and gain access to the Catacombes de Paris.
Square de l'Abbe Migne monument
Square de l'Abbe Migne gardens
You may also be pleased to know that it is accessible to the disabled, and is open 24 hours a day all year round, and as we also mentioned before, you can see the historical train station from the Square de l'Abbe Migne, which now serves the RER trains for line B.

Yet, other modes of public transport in Paris that will get you close by include the Metro station called the Denfert-Rochereau stop via lines 4 and 6, or alternatively you have the bus numbers 38, 68, 88 and 216 plus there are three different Velib stations located nearby for the self service bike rental scheme.