Eugene Delacroix water fountain monument in Luxembourg Gardens

This is one of the monumental fountains located within the Jardin du Luxembourg that was designed in the 1800s and dedicated to the artist Eugene Delacroix, it has a bust of him along with allegorical figures, all in bronze and was produced by the sculptor Jules Dalou.

About the Eugene Delacroix Fountain in Paris

Although it is a fountain, sometimes called the Fontaine Eugene Delacroix, it is also referred to as the Monument to Eugene Delacroix, which was one of the notable works produced by the renowned sculptor Jules Dalou, and was erected within the Jardin du Luxembourg back in 1890.
Eugene Delacroix water fountain
You will see that the fountain has a rectangular basin that has six jets of water and in the centre there is a large stone base with a column in the centre of this that has the bronze bust of Eugene Delacroix on the top of the pedestal, where he is portrayed as a younger gentleman wearing a coat and scarf.

Yet this fountain in Paris also has three additional bronze statues, which are known as allegories, and these are designed to represent Time lifting Glory to place flowers down, and the third represents Genius of Arts who is applauding.

Also on this monument in Paris, you will see an inscription located on the pedestal, that states A Eugene Delecroix, 1798 - 1863, Ses Admirateurs, and this states the incredible artist's date of birth and death along with the words His Admirers underneath, which is the English translation.

Visiting the Fontaine Eugene Delacroix

The Eugene Delacroix Fountain is located on the western side of the Palais du Luxembourg within the Luxembourg Gardens in the 6th Arrondissement, and there is also another statue group located within these historical gardens by the same sculptor, Jules Dalou, which is called Le Triomphe de Silene.

Now when it comes to reaching the Jardin du Luxembourg and admiring the different fountains including the Fontaine de Medicis and statues such as the Statue of Liberty, you will find that the nearest Metro stations are the Saint Sulpice stop or Vavin stop, both serving line 4.

Alternatively, you have the Mabillon stop serving line 10 or the Notre Dame des Champs stop serving line 12, but other modes of public transport in Paris include the RER train station called the Luxembourg stop via the RER B line, or you could opt for the Paris buses and the bus lines 21, 27, 38, 58, 82, 83, 84 and 89 will also get you close by.