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HD photographs of Marius debout sur les ruines de Carthage statue in Luxembourg Gardens - Page 264

This time we were back in the Jardin du Luxembourg, located in the 6th Arrondissement of Paris, when we took these high definition photos of a statue called Marius debout sur les ruines de Carthage, which was sculpted by Nicolas Victor Vilain.

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Marius Debout Sur Les Ruines De Carthage Statue

In this very first HD photo you can see the statue called Marius debout sur les ruines de Carthage, which has a backdrop of the Palais du Luxembourg behind it, and this is situated on the eastern side of the garden, which is on the right hand side as though you are looking at the palace form the main garden where the octagonal basin or pond is located.

Marius Standing On The Ruins Of Carthage Statue

The statue Marius debout sur les ruines de Carthage, that translates in English to Marius standing on the ruins of Carthage, which is a city in Tunisia known for its ancient archaeological heritage, was produced by the French sculptor Nicolas Victor Vilain, and was commissioned to him by the Ministere de l'Interieur, or Interior Minister.

Nicolas Vilain Statue Marius Debout Sur Les Ruines De Carthage

Now in this next photo showing the side view of the statue, we took this from one of the two terraces that go along each side of the formal Jardin du Luxembourg, and once completed this marble statue was presented at the 1861 Paris Salon, and then again at the Universal Exhibition in 1867, prior to being on permanent display within the gardens.

Statue Of Marius Debout Sur Les Ruines De Carthage

Yet in this photograph you can see the back of the marble statue Marius debout sur les ruines de Carthage, and this French sculptor was born in August 1818 and after his studies, ended up winning the second prize for Grand Prix de Rome in 1837 for this particular sculpture, which with this and others he exhibited at Paris salons, earned him numerous public commissions.

Marius Debout Sur Les Ruines De Carthage Sculpture

So in this close up photo of Marius standing on the ruins of Carthage, you can no doubt see why the sculptor, normally known as just Victor Vilain, was commissioned for so many different public commissions for the city of Paris, including some for The Louvre, yet you will also notice spikes sticking out, and these were added to protect the marble statue from birds landing and sitting on this statue.

Marius Debout Sur Les Ruines De Carthage And Stone Base

And in this last image of the marble statue, you can see an entirely different view of the Jardin du Luxembourg behind, stretching out towards the Luxembourg Palace where the French Senate has resided since the 1800s, and this is just one of over a hundred different statues you can admire in these free public gardens in Paris.

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