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HD photographs of Harde de Cerfs statue by A J LeDuc inside Luxembourg Gardens - Page 311

This time we were within the Jardin du Luxembourg located in the 6th Arrondissement of Paris when we took these high definition photos of a bronze statue group called the Harde de Cerfs by Leduc.

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Harde De Cerfs Statue In Jardin Du Luxembourg

This first HD photo shows the bronze statue group called Harde de Cerfs, which translates in English to Herd of Deer, yet this is also sometimes referred to as La Harde de cerfs ecoutant le rapproche, which then translates to The Herd of deer listening close.

Bronze Statue Harde De Cerfs Luxembourg Gardens   

And here you can see this statue group mounted on a stone base surrounded by a flowerbed and lawns within the Luxembourg Gardens, which was originally put in place in 1891.

Luxembourg Gardens Harde De Cerfs StatueX

So this is actually located to the left of the central formal garden, in the southern part of the Jardin du Luxembourg, which is a free public park and garden, that as you may be able to tell from this image, is popular for relaxation, yet has become one of the major tourist attractions in Paris.

Stag On The Harde De Cerfs Statue

Now this close up photo shows the head of the male deer, which can also be referred to as a stag or a buck, and this was part of the statue group sculpted by Arthur Jacques LeDuc, yet his name is sometimes written as Leduc or Le Duc.

Doe On The Harde De Cerfs Statue

But this next close up photograph shows the female deer of the statue group, which can also be known as a doe or a cow, and with the precise composition of its face, you can just imagine that she was listening out for something, just as the name of the statue implies.

Fawn On The Harde De Cerfs Statue

And this photo shows a close up of the young fawn within the this bronze statue group depicting a herd of deer, which was originally produced in plaster and exhibited at the 1885 Paris Salon.

Harde De Cerfs Statue By Arthur Jacques LeDuc

Yet here you can see the full bronze statue group, this time from behind, which was produced by Arthur Jacques Leduc, who was born in March 1848 and became a French sculptor, and some places state he died on the 29 Febraury 1918, but this was not a leap year, whereas some other places state he died on 14th February that year, which is more logical, but we are still unsure.

Bronze Statue Group Harde De Cerfs

But as we mentioned earlier, this statue was first produced in plaster as a model, and the acquisition of the plaster model, along with the control of the production of the bronze statue was purchased by the French state after a ministerial decision on the 12th October 1885.

Front Of The Harde De Cerfs Statue Group

So, the completed bronze statue group, which was sculpted by LeDuc that he named La Harde de cerfs, or the Herd of Deer, went on display at the 1886 Paris Salon, which was actually item number 4162.

Rear Of Harde De Cerfs Statue Group

However, this same statue then reappeared again when it was put on display for the 1889 World Exposition in Paris, also known as a World Fair, or in French l'Exposition Universelle, and this was a major event, which was the same year the Eiffel Tower was inaugurated specifically for this occasion.

La Harde De Cerfs Ecoutant Le Rapproche Statue

By this time it was already the property of the French Senate who reside within the Palais du Luxembourg, which was originally the royal palace of Marie de Medici found within the grounds of this park, and they maintain the beautiful Luxembourg Gardens and its numerous statues.

South Side Of Harde De Cerfs Statue

So, as we mentioned earlier, La Harde de cerfs ecoutant le rapproche, or The Herd of deer listening close, was put in place within the Jardin du Luxembourg in 1891which is where this has remained ever since.

Stag Doe And Fawn Bronze Statue

And with the full name of the statue you can no doubt understand why the sculptor presented the group as a family close together for protection, which actually measures 2.2 metres in height, not including its stone base.

Luxembourg Gardens Bronze Deer Statue

Now this last image provides a perspective of how large La Harde de cerfs statue is when viewed from the pathway that runs alongside the lawn before the flowerbed where this bronze sculpture sits in the middle, and as you can tell, this photo was taken from the back.

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