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HD photographs of Antoine Watteau Monument inside Luxembourg Gardens - Page 319

We were within the free public park in Paris called the Jardin du Luxembourg located in the 6th Arrondissement, when we took these high definition photos showing one of the many statues located here, and this one called Monument a Watteau was sculpted by Henri Desire Gauquie.

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Monument a Watteau In Luxembourg Gardens

This first HD photo shows the full Antoine Watteau Monument with its statues, which is made of different materials including marble, tin and stone, and stands at a total height of 3.45 metres, with the lady statue being 2.1 metres and the bust being 0.9 metres in itself and is located in the southern part of the Luxembourg Gardens.

Monument A Watteau By Henri Desire Gauquie   

It was after a decision made by the French Senate in June 1896 that a statue would be produced as a tribute to Jean Antoine Watteau, and with a public subscription following, this was completed and inaugurated on 8th November 1896, and is still in the same position to the left of the formal gardens as you are looking towards the Palais du Luxembourg.

Statues On The Watteau Monument

So this statue called the Monument to Watteau was actually produced by Henri Desire Gauquie who was born in October 1858 and became a French sculptor, and he produced the bronze candelabras with the children surrounding them on the Pont Alexandre III, plus was awarded the Legion of Honour for his works prior to passing away in Paris in 1927.

Bust Of Jean Antoine Watteau Jardin Du Luxembourg

In this close up HD photo you can see the bust depicting Jean Antoine Watteau who was born in October 1684, and became a French painter who had a brief yet influential career that spurred the revival of interest in colour and movement within paintings, plus he revitalised the Baroque style, but making it less severe, more naturalistic and less formally classical Rococo.

Marble Woman Statue On Watteau Monument

Now normally just known as Antoine Watteau, he is also credited with inventing the genre of fetes galantes, which are scenes of idyllic charm with a theatrical air about them, and many of his subjects were painted from the world of Italian comedy and ballet, and the woman statue you can see in this image resembles one of the characters in the paintings of this artist.

Front Of Watteau Monument In Luxembourg Grdns

And as we mentioned Watteau revitalised the Rococo style and this is why the sculptor Henri Desire Gauquie designed the Monument a Watteau to be like a theatrical set inspired by the Rococo style of the eighteenth century and his paintings, and the lady is actually positioning roses below the bust.

Back Of Watteau Monument In Luxembourg Grdns

But here you can see the back of the Watteau monument, and incredibly, even though the bust looks like it is bronze, according to the French Senate, this was actually made out of tin, but the statue of the woman is in marble, and the remainder of this statue group is made out of stone from Lorraine.

Side Of Watteau Monument In Luxembourg Grdns

Yet this last high definition photo shows the side view of the Monument to Watteau by Henri Gauquie, and although Jean Antoine Watteau had a very short career, passing away in his 30s in the July of 1721, his memory still lives on today, and his influence on the arts, including the decorative arts such as costume, was more extensive than any other eighteenth century artist, with even a specific type of womans dress named after him.

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