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HD photographs of the Leconte de Lisle statue by D Puech inside Luxembourg Gardens - Page 228

These high definition photos were again taken while we were within the Jardin du Luxembourg, which is within the 6th Arrondissement of Paris, and this is a popular free public park that holds numerous statues and monuments.

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1897 Leconte De Lisle Statue By Denys Puech

So in this first image you can see the statue called Leconte de Lisle, which was dedicated to the French poet and writer Charles Marie Rene Leconte de Lisle, who was just normally known by his surname, and he not only produced poetry, but also translated ancient Greek tragedians.

Denys Puech 1897 Statue Called Leconte De Lisle

Now this HD photo gives you a perspective of where the statue is located within the Jardin du Luxembourg, which is close to the entrance near the Place Edmond Rostand and is a very large public park full of flowerbeds with well kept lawns, and many of the statues are surrounded by these, both to protect the monument or statue and its surroundings.

Jardin Du Luxembourg Statue Leconte De Lisle

Here you can see a side view of the monument dedicated to Leconte de Lisle, which was produced by the artist and sculptor Denys Puech, who actually sculpted over 500 different works throughout his career and having gained a second place twice in the Prix de Rome contest, he won first place in 1884.

Statue Of French Poet Leconte De Lisle

Yet this high definition photograph shows the opposite side of the statue, which stands at an impressive 3.8 metres including its cylindrical base, and the statue itself was sculpted in marble back in 1897, although it was not inaugurated into the Jardin du Luxembourg until the July of 1898.

Statue Of Leconte De Lisle

So as we mentioned earlier, the Luxembourg gardens is a large public park and covered with greenery, as you can see from this photo, which does sometimes make it hard to capture statues, but each one has a meaning, and this particular monument is dedicated to the French poet Charles Marie Rene Leconte de Lisle who was actually born on the island of Reunion in the Indain ocean.

Plaque For Leconte De Lisle Statue

And in this close up photo you can see the plaque that is located at the edge of the green area where the statue is positioned generally in the middle, and as you can tell, it states that it was sculpted by Denys Puech, who was an artist and sculptor that was born in 1854 and died in 1942 in Aveyron, France.

Close Up Picture Of Leconte De Lisle Statue

But this is another view of the marble statue in Paris dedicated to Leconte de Lisle, who played a leading role in the Parnassian poetic movement, plus the poet and writer was provided a post as assistant librarian at the Palais du Luxembourg, which is quite appropriate considering that the sculpture resides within the grounds of this historical building.

Leconte De Lisle Statue With Trees And Flowers

So in this image, you can see far more of the Jardin du Luxembourg, which may provide you with an idea of the type of area you may want to cover if visiting just this one tourist attraction in Paris, as there are over 100 statues located here and this is just one of those impressive monuments to discover within the gardens!

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