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HD photographs of Ossip Zadkine, Le Poete statue in Luxembourg Gardens - Page 317

We were within the popular tourist attraction of the Jardin du Luxembourg in the 6th Arrondissement of Paris when we took these high definition photos showing a statue called Le Poete by Ossip Zadkine.

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1954 Bronze Le Poete Statue By Ossip Zadkine

This first HD photo shows the full bronze statue called Le Poete, which translates in Englsih to The Poet, and positioned on a stone base, this can be found in the western side of the Luxembourg Gardens, which is to the left as you are looking towards the Palais du Luxembourg.

Le Poete Statue In Jardin Du Luxembourg   

Now originally there was an entirely different statue located in this same position within the Jardin du Luxembourg, which was dedicated to Eustache Le Sueur and was produced by the French sculptor Honore Jean Aristide Husson, but this was removed in 1991.

Ossip Zadkine Bronze Statue Le Poete

The decision to remove the original statue was taken on 24th April 1991, and the bronze statue you can see in this image was donated by the Musee Zadkine in Paris, and put in place on 22nd November 1991.

Sculpted Hand On Le Poete Statue

Now this photo shows a close up of part of the statue, which is actually a hand on paper, and as you can see from the image, there is writing all over the bronze, and one word you can see is Liberte, which is the title of a work by Paul Eluard.

Writing Inscribed On Le Poete Statue

Again, this close up shows another part with more writing, which actually covers the whole bronze statue that was designed by Ossip Zadkine to commemorate Paul Eluard, who was actually born in December 1895 with the name Eugene Emile Paul Grindel, but became a poet and used an alias for his works.

Additional Face On Le Poete Statue

But this is another close up, and each part has different verses written from numerous different works that the French poet Paul Eluard wrote, and he was also one of the founders of the Surrealist movement.

Bronze Legs On Le Poete Statue

And as we mentioned earlier, this statue called Le Poete was produced by Ossip Zadkine, who was Russian born in the July of 1890, yet after schooling in London he went to Paris and studied at the Ecole des Beaux Arts, becoming a French sculptor, initially with the Cubist movement.

Paul Eluard Sculpture By Ossip Zadkine

Yet later on in his career, Ossip Zadkine developed his own unusual and unique style of art and sculpture, which had been influenced by Greek and African art and was always thought provoking or generated for reason, just like this bronze statue that stands 2.2 metres in height on the stone base.

Plaque On Le Poete Statue

So in this last high definition photo you can see the plaque located on the base of the statue, and as you can see it provides the year of birth and death of Ossip Zadkine, but also the full name that he gave the statue, being Le poete ou Hommage a Paul Eluard, and underneath this is the year 1954, which was when the bronze was sculpted, approximately two years after the death of the poet.

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