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HD photographs of Junon, Reine du Ciel statue inside Jardin du Luxembourg - Page 447

This time we were within the Jardin du Luxembourg in the 6th Arrondissement of Paris, we took these high definition photos showing a statue called Junon, Reine du Ciel.

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Junon, Reine Du Ciel Statue Jardin Luxembourg

In this first HD photo you can see the statue called Junon, Reine du Ciel, which in English translates to Juno, Queen of Heaven, although Juno is also referred to as the Queen of the Gods in Roman mythology.

Luxembourg Gardens Statue Junon, Reine Du Ciel

Now this photograph shows a close view of the statue, which was produced in marble and stands at a height of 1.9 metres on a stone base facing towards the Grand Basin within the Luxembourg Gardens, in an area referred to as the d'Apres l'Antique, which translates to After Antique.

Juno, Queen Of Heaven Statue Jardin Luxembourg

So, according to the French Senate, in an inventory dated from the year XI, which is 1803 in the French Republican Calendar, it reports the existence of a statue of Juno adorning the Jardin du Luxembourg, and hence has remained within the garden ever since.

Marble Statue Junon, Reine Du Ciel

However, again according to the French Senate, the original statue of Junon, Reine du Ciel, was sculpted using Parian marble, which was highly prized for sculptures by ancient Greeks during the classical era of approximately 400 BC, and the original statue is still conserved in Rome within the Capitoline Museum.

Junon, Reine Du Ciel Statue On Pedestal

Unfortunately, the artist of this particular marble statue you can see in this image is unknown, but in Roman mythology Juno was the daughter on Saturn and married Jupiter who was the King of Heaven and King of the Gods, and therefore his wife Juno became Queen of Heaven and Queen of the Gods, who was meant to be the protector of women.

Junon, Reine Du Ciel Statue d'Apres l'Antique

Yet Juno is often referred to as the equivalent of Hera in Greek mythology, who was the Goddess of Love and Marriage, and hence why she is referred to as a protector of women in Roman religion, and spelt Junon in French, she is often portrayed with a long robe or magnificent dress, which is how the unknown artist portrayed here.

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