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HD photographs of the Anne d'Autriche statue in Jardin du Luxembourg - Page 425

While we were in the Jardin du Luxembourg in the 6th Arrondissement of Paris, we took these high definition photos showing one of the Queens of France, and this particular one depicts Anne of Austria, which was sculpted by Joseph Marius Ramus.

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Queen Of France Anne d'Autriche Statue

Now the Queens of France and Famous Women statues, or in French, Reines de France et Femmes Illustres, were chosen by King Louis Philippe I to be included within the Jardin du Luxembourg, and this statue depicts Anne d'Autriche, or as we would know it in English, Anne of Austria.

Back Of Anne d'Autriche Statue In Paris

And in this next HD photo you can see the back of the statue looking out from the terrace towards the formal part of the Luxembourg Gardens where the large basin, or pool, is located, and this statue is positioned on the left hand side terrace as though you are looking at the Palais du Luxembourg.

Anne d'Autriche Statue By Joseph Marius Ramus

So, via a ministerial decision dated 5th May 1856, the statue of Anne of Austria was commissioned to the artist Joseph Marius Ramus for the sum of 12,000 French Francs, and it was completed on 7th January 1847, then exposed at the Paris Salon that year, which was number 2152 on the inventory.

1847 Marble Statue Of Anne d'Autriche

Yet in this next photograph you can see more of the actual Anne d'Autriche statue itself, which was created in marble and stands at a height of 2.3 metres not including the stone base, and this queen was depicted by the artist as strong and powerful as the regent for King Louis XIV.

Marble Statue Anne Of Austria

Now this queen was originally baptised Ana María Mauricia, the eldest daughter of King Philip III of Spain and his wife Margaret of Austria, but because they came from the House of Austria, she was known by this title along with Infanta of Spain and Portugal.

But like with a lot of royalty in centuries gone by, she was betrothed to King Louis XIII of France to reinforce relations between Spain and France, and eventually she produced an heir to the throne at aged 37, and when her husband King Louis XIII died, her son was pronounced King Louis XIV, which meant she became Regent Queen of France.

Name Plaque On Anne d'Autriche Statue

And in this last photo you can the plaque located on the base of the statue dedicated to Anne of Austria, or as it says in French, Anne d'Autriche, who was born in 1601 and becoming Queen Regent of France in 1643 up until 1651 when her son became of age, but always with the help of Cardinal Mazarin.

However, things were not always great, as there was a war between France and Spain, yet with the treaty of the Pyrenees the war was ended and concluded by the marriage of her son to Marie Theresa of Spain, so after this and not being regent any longer, Anne of Austria retired to the Vale de Grace, which is where she passed away in January 1666.

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