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HD photographs of Joies de la Famille statue inside Luxembourg Gardens in Paris - Page 309

We were within the Jardin du Luxembourg in the 6th Arrondissement of Paris when we took these high definition photos of a statue called Joies de la famille by Horace Daillion.

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Joies De La Famille Statue By Horace Daillion

The statue you can see in this first HD photo was produced in marble and at a height of 2.25 metres, it was designed to represent a happy family and this was put in the Luxembourg Gardens back in 1890.

Joies De La Famille Statue In Luxembourg Gardens   

And this next photo shows the location of the marble Joies de la famille statue, which is on the south western side of the Jardin du Luxembourg in front of the Pavillon Davioud, which is the building you can also see in this image that was named after the architect Gabriel Davioud who designed it.

Joies De La Famille Statue And Stone Pedestal

Now the Joies de la famille statue was produced by Horace Daillion who was born in November 1854 in Paris and became a French sculptor, presenting works at different Paris Salons, and his most well known works are this marble statue you can see here and The Genius of Eternal Sleep monument in Montparnasse Cemetery.

Back Of Joies De La Famille Statue

So this close up HD photo shows the man and woman entwined holding their baby, and there was an original plaster model version of this statue group that was presented by Horace Daillion at the 1885 Paris Salon under the title of Happiness.

Luxembourg Gardens And Joies De La Famille Statue

The plaster model was subsequently purchased by the French state along with control for the production of the marble statue group to the same artist, which was by a ministerial decision dated 30th March 1888.

1889 Marble Statue Group Joies De La Famille

And the full size marble statue group was then presented at the 1889 Universal Exhibition in Paris with a final title of Joies de la famille, which translates in English to Joys of the family.

Jardin Du Luxembourg Statue Joies De La Famille

Now this next image shows the back of the marble statue group, which as we mentioned before, was placed within the Luxembourg Gardens in 1890 by an official order dated 3rd February 1890.

Front Of Marble Statue Joies De La Famille

So, what with the title of this marble statue and the original title of the plaster model, you can see that the characters were designed by the French sculptor Horace Daillion to be young and beautiful, but evoking the image of an ideal family with their young child and their pet.

Side Of Joies De La Famille Statue

Now this photograph of the Joies de la famille shows the gentleman with his arm around the lady, or his wife with their pet by his side, and as you can tell, the marble statue is positioned on a stone base in the middle of a large flowerbed.

Horace Daillion Statue Group Joies De La Famille

And in this last image you can see the back of the Joies de la famille statue again, but this time showing the woman being supported by her husband with her arm around him as well in a tender loving way, which was the whole concept for this unusual statue group in Paris.

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