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This time we were in the 8th Arrondissement of Paris admiring the Grand Palais, and we took these high definition photos showing one of the two quadrigas, which is called Immortality Outstripping Time, by Georges Recipon.

Paris Statues

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Immortality Outstripping Time quadriga the Grand Palais
This first HD photo shows the full quadriga Immortality outsripping Time, which is one of two that are located on either end of the front facade of the Grand Palais, which was designed and constructed for the 1900 Universal Exhibition in Paris, and these were put in place at that time.
Close up view of Immortality Outstripping Time quadrigas
Now originally, the statue groups made of copper were meant to have a patina of a dark brown tone, like the Florentine bronze of the statues on the Pont Alexandre III bridge, but the light green patina, which is a film on the surface of metal produced by oxidation over a period of time, was more in harmony with the mignonette green colour of the steel structures in the Nave and enhances to the Grand Palais.
Immortality Outstripping Time statues on the Grand Palais
And this green tone makes the quadriga look almost weightless, even though the total weight of the quadrigas is over 12 tons, and one of these is called Harmony Triumphing over Discord, which is located on the River Seine side, whereas the statue group you can see in this photo is located on the Champs Elysees side and is called Immortality outstripping Time.
Location of the Immortality Outstripping Time quadrigas
And located approximately 30 metres up, this photograph will give you a better idea of its location on the Grand Palais, however, unfortunately due to ravishes of time, they needed restoring, and were dismantled between the July and September of 2001, and after major restoration works they were eventually put back in place in 2004.
Immortality Outstripping Time quadrigas by Georges Recipon
So this statue group called Immortality outstripping Time, is also sometimes known as Immortality prevailing over Time, and this was produced by Georges Recipon, who was born in January 1860 and became a French sculptor, and he also produced the other quadriga on the Grand Palais along with the Nymphs on the Pont Alexandre III, which was also constructed for the 1900 World Fair in Paris.
Immortality Outstripping Time quadrigas NW side
Here you can see a close up HD photo showing a part of the quadriga, which shows the fine green patina that was rehabilitated by an accelerated oxidation process during the restoration of this statue group by the Socra workshops in Perigueux in the Dordogne, but as you can tell, there are now hints of blue also on it, such as on the wheel of the chariot.
Immortality Outstripping Time quadrigas NE side
Now a quadriga is actually a chariot drawn by four horses abreast and was raced in the ancient games and other contests during the Roman empire, and in ancient Greek this is represented as the chariot of gods and heroes.
Front of the Immortality Outstripping Time quadrigas
Yet quadrigas are also used as emblems of triumph such as victory, and like the one you can see in this image, they often depict a triumphant woman within and driving the chariot that was once used in roman chariot races, and there are numerous variations of a quadriga found not only in Paris, but throughout the world.
Copper statue Immortality Outstripping Time
And in this last photograph, you can see that we took this looking at the side of the copper statue group Immortality outstripping Time, and as you can tell, Georges Recipon produced these in such fine detail, that even the expressions on the horses faces can provide their own story.

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