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HD photographs of Charles de Gaulle statue at Place Clemenceau in Paris - Page 349

It was while we were within the 8th Arrondissement of Paris that we took these high definition photos showing the statue of Charles de Gaulle that was sculpted by Jean Cardot, and is located at the Place Clemenceau.

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Charles De Gaulle Statue By Jean Cardot

This first HD photo shows the bronze statue of General Charles de Gaulle, who was born in Lille on the 22nd November 1890, and pursuing a military career, he became the leader of Free France during World War II, then President of the French Republic, and is remembered most for his role during the War and the Liberation of Paris.

Charles De Gaulle Statue Place Clemenceau   

Now when Charles de Gaulle passed away at his home on 9th November 1970, and according to his family, he did not want any monuments in his honour, but after a meeting in 1998 with members of the Congress of the Association of Free French, his son Admiral Philippe de Gaulle eventually agreed to have a monument erected in Paris.

Front Of Charles De Gaulle Statue

A national subscription was launched and the French President, Jacques Chirac, was appointed the honorary president, plus a competition was held to decide who would be chosen for the task of sculpting the statue, and it was Jean Cardot, who received the commission, having already produced the statue of Winston Churchill located a short distance away.

Charles De Gaulle Statue On Pedestal

The next task was to actually find a suitable location, which was originally going to be the Avenue des Champs Elysees, which is where Charles de Gaully walked along in his victory march at the Liberation of Paris, yet this proved too awkward, and so, the Place Clemenceau by the Avenue Winston Churchill, the Avenue General Eisenhower and the Champs Elysees Avenue, close to the Grand Palais was eventually decided upon.

Year And Name Inscription Charles De Gaulle Statue

And this next photo shows a close up of the plaque located on one side of the base of the statue, which shows his name along with his years of birth and death, yet if you look closely at the base of the statue by the back foot of Charles de Gaulle, this has been signed by the French sculptor J Cardot, with the year 2000, which was when the statue was completed.

Charles De Gaulle Statue Side View

There were originally different models constructed until the final version was realised, and Jean Cardot depicted General Charles de Gaulle as most remember him, and the pose was taken from a photograph of him striding down the Champs Elysees during the Liberation of Paris, and this statue itself measures 2.7 metres in height, which was cast by the Coubertin Foundation Foundry.

Charles De Gaulle War Memoirs Inscription

Yet the bronze base itself is an incredible 3.95 metres in height, and in this close up photograph you can see an inscription, which was is an excerpt of the war memoirs that Charles de Gaulle wrote, and the monument was officially inaugurated on 9th November 2000, thirty years to the day from when he passed away.

Charles De Gaulle Speech Inscription

Now on the opposite side of the base, which is the side facing towards the Place de la Concorde, there is another inscription and this translates in English to; Paris, Paris outraged, Paris broken, Paris martyred, but Paris liberated and this was a part of the speech by General Charles de Gaulle when he spoke at the City Hall on 26th August 1944.

South Side Of Charles De Gaulle Statue

And in this last photograph you can see the entire bronze monumental statue of Charles de Gaulle, which was inaugurated in the presence of the French President, Jacques Chirac, Chancellor of the Order of the Liberation, Jean Simon, and the Mayor of Paris, Jean Tiber, along with numerous other dignitaries and war veterans.

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