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For the Revue Bonheur and the 70 different artists on stage, the Lido called on some of the greatest costume designers and the largest names in haute couture.  It features an amazing amount of luxury with some 600 different costumes, 500 pairs of custom shoes, 150,000 sequins, 150,000 pearls, and an incredible 60,000 crystals for the 600 pieces of stage jewellery.

A Dinner and Show at The Lido

You can enjoy an exceptional evening from 7pm right through to 11pm and the evening starts with music from the orchestra while you dine, or even dance on stage and then at 9pm the lights dim ready for the show to begin.

For a dinner show, they have a basic option called the Soiree Plaisir that is a cost of €160 per person as of 2012 and includes a set three course meal along with a half bottle of champagne or wine, whereas for €175 you can opt for the Soiree Panache where you have a choice of two different options for each course.  Yet children under the age of 12 are only a cost of €100.

This is when you could enjoy delights such as smoked salmon, chopped green cabbage and wasabi followed by fried Duckling fillet with turnips, roast pumpkin and grapes and a dessert of hazelnut éclairs with caramel shards.  But for €200 per person, the menu called the Soiree Bonheur, have selections that are more extravagant such as a lobster broth with tarragon and whipped cream followed by roasted veal, mashed vitelotte, just fallen spinach and crispy potato chips, then of course a dessert like their house speciality.

The Ultimate evening out at Le Lido de Paris is known as the Service Premier, which is a cost of €300 per person as of 2012 and for this you get a personalised welcome, free cloakroom pass and an aperitif served at the bar or your table.  You are also guaranteed one the best tables in this cabaret venue so you can enjoy the show, privileged service, a programme, water and coffee as well as the half bottle of champagne, plus you get a five course meal.

Another option on either a Sunday or Tuesday is having lunch at The Lido followed by the Revue, which starts at 1pm with the show at 3pm and this is a cost of €140 per person as of 2012.

Champagne and Show at The Lido

If you do not really have the budget to enjoy a dinner and show at this cabaret in Paris, then you could just have the Champagne and Show option, which is a cost of only €105 which includes half a bottle of champagne for the 9.30pm show or €90 per person without any beverages.

However, to book the 11.30pm show is a cost of €145 for the privileged seating option and personalised service accompanied by a half bottle of vintage champagne, a plate of French macaroons and a programme.  Alternatively, you can opt for just the Champagne and show at a cost of €95 as of 2012 or €80 without beverages.

There is also a 3pm show on set Sundays and for the Champagne revue at this time, is a cost of €105 going into 2013.

Guided Tour of Le Lido

For something really different, you could start the experience with a backstage tour then complete the evening with the dinner revue.

The guided tour last 90 minutes and will take you behind the scenes so that you can find out more about this famous cabaret in Paris, the history of the Lido, the mysteries and enchantment that awaits including the incredible technology.

You will also get to see the areas reserved for dancers, the wardrobe masters and the dressing assistants along with the technical and stage management teams for a greater insight into what it takes to put on such a Revue.

The guided tour of The Lido is conducted every Friday at 4pm, then you can opt for the champagne and Revue at either 9.30pm or 11.30pm or the complete dinner show experience at 7.30pm.

You do have to reserve this option well in advance and for more information or to make a reservation, you would need to telephone +33 (0) 1 40 76 56 10.

But whatever you decide, we are sure that you will not be disappointed with the exceptional performance and the efficiency of all concerned, that will make your night the ultimate experience, whilst you are on holiday in Paris.

Access to The Lido de Paris

The Lido is open every day of the year for the different options as set out above and you should arrive at least 30 minutes prior to your evening beginning and any person over the age of 4 years of age is welcome.

However, we would like to point out that elegant dress code is required and a jacket and tie is appreciated but not essential, but items of clothing such as shorts, Bermuda shorts, sports wear, trainers or even tennis shoes are not allowed and you will be refused entry.

Also, taking any photographs, filming or recording of the show is completely forbidden, but even if it is not within your package and you want a lasting memory, you can purchase a programme or other memorabilia of your experience at this incredible tourist attraction in Paris.

Located in the 8th Arrondissement, the nearest Metro station is the George C stop on line 1, which is literally right by The Lido on the Avenue des Champs Elysees, but if utilising the RER, then this would be the station called Charles de Gaulle Etoile on line A by the Arc de Triomphe at the start of the Champs Elysees.

More information on the Lido Cabaret Venue

  -  History of the Lido Cabaret

Address and Contact Details

Lido de Paris
116 bis Avenue des Champs Elysees
Ile de France

Tel: +33 (0) 1 40 76 56 10
Fax: +33 (0) 1 45 76 19 41

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The Lido Cabaret Show in Paris

You can enjoy an exceptional evening at the Lido cabaret in Paris and get completely absorbed in the revue that has taken Le Lido de Paris into the 21st century with the famous Bluebell Girls, see breathtaking scenes, a real ice rink, the pool and water features, along with the sumptuous costumes.

The Lido is now even more spectacular than ever before and the Revue Bonhour is more than just a show, it will take you on a journey of different emotions and provide you with an evening of entertainment in Paris that you will never forget.

Just like tradition and keeping with the history of the Lido by going from one extreme to another, the special effects are even more spectacular and features 23 different sets, including a 5 metre tall Indian temple, 80,000 litres of water for the pool and water features and 90 different spotlights, yet alone the 20,000 watts of other lighting they use for this cabaret venue.