Pau Brasil Cabaret in Paris

The Pau Brasil is actually the largest Brazilian cabaret in the world and you can discover an exotic, yet modern atmosphere with a dinner show in Paris combining dancers in spectacular costumes, singing and gourmet cuisine.

About Pau Brasil Cabaret

With tropical colours and an almost magical, yet exotic paradise, but with a very modern touch, the Pau brasil will enchant you from the very start of the evening to when you have enjoyed your dinner and show at this cabaret in Paris.
Pau Brasil Cabaret Paris
So with an impressive venue that is the largest Brazilian cabaret in the world, along with a renewed stage and revue, or show, that provides an exotic repertoire with dancers in elaborate and sometimes provocative costumes, combining salsa and samba music, this will make you just want to dance and sing along.

Dinner Show at Pau Brasil in Paris

There are different formulas, as they are called, that you can opt for, and all include the gourmet cuisine along with the show, but depending upon your budget these can get more extravagant for an impressive dinner show in Paris.

You will find that each of the formulas has a starter and then a Rodizio, or main course, which is actually served as you like and at will, with six different meats and the accompaniments, then you have dessert and coffee.
But that is where the differences begin, as to start with you have the basic Formula Ipanema, as it is known, and you do get a welcome cocktail along with red, rose or white wine served at discretion of the management for €115, however for €150 you go to the Formula Luxury.  And for this you get a Caipi, mineral water and a half bottle of champagne in addition to the three course meal and coffee.

But the ultimate indulgence at the Pau Brasil, Brazil Cabaret in Paris, has got to be the Formula VIP.  And although this is €250 as of 2013 you not only get what is on the Ipanema formula, you have a choice of the cocktail, the wine itself is basically a choice of any, whether it bed a mix of red, rose or white, at the discretion of management of course, then you have mineral water, and the champagne is Moet & Chandon Champagne of either Brut or Rose, and again at the discretion of the establishment.

You also get a VIP location within the Pau Brasil plus lockers and photos are also available to you, so it may be a bit more expensive, but for a fantastic evening of pure pleasure and entertainment in Paris, then this has got to be considered.
Pau Brasil cabaret show
Pau Brasil dancers

Access to Pau Brasil Cabaret in Paris

You do have to book in advance and to make a reservation or find out more about times and dates, you will need to telephone the Pau Brasil on +33 (0) 1 53 57 77 66.

And just so that you know, this cabaret venue is located in the 17th Arrondissement, yet is close to tourist attractions in Paris like the famous Avenue des Champs Elysees, and in fact the nearest Metro station is situated at the Place Charles de Gaulle, which is where you will find the Arc de Triomphe and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

The station called the Charles de Gaulle Etoile also serves as an RER train station as well, plus due to the location, there are numerous Paris buses that will also get you close by to the largest Brazilian cabaret in the world of the Pau Brasil.