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Place Georges Guillaumin in Paris

The Place Georges Guillaumin is a small, very little known square in Paris named after a councillor for the area, and it has a statue of Honore Balzac located within it, which was put in place two years later..

About the Place Georges Guillaumin in Paris

The Place Georges Guillaumin is a small square in Paris, which is very little known to many, whether it be locals or tourists, yet was first inaugurated with its name back in 1937 as a dedication to Georges Guillaumin who was a city councillor for this area of Paris who had died a year earlier.

However, when visting this square you will find that there is a statue of Honore Balzac, and this particular statue was put in place in 1939, although over the years it has become more covered by trees than it used to be, but it was originally produced by the artist and sculptor Auguste Rodin.
At the time this statue caused a fair bit of controversy, because Balzac used to write in his robe or dressing gown, and this is how Auguste Rodin depicted him, and it took some time before the statue of Balzac was even put in place anywhere within the city of Paris.

Yet even this caused problems, and over the years there have been petitions to get the statue moved close to the Maison de Balzac, which is now a museum in Paris dedicated to him, so maybe, when you next go on holiday within this remarkable and unusual city, it may have been moved to a new place or square instead of being located at the Place Georges Guillaumin.

Visiting the Place Georges Guillaumin Square in Paris

The Place Georges Guillaumin is located in the 8th Arrondissement of Paris at the intersection, or junction of Avenue de Friedland, the Rue Balzac, also named after this incredible writer, and the Rue Beaujon.

And there are plenty of tourist attractions around this area, whether it be for an evening at a cabaret in Paris like at the Villa d’Este or Le Lido, or perhaps visiting famous and historical attractions such as the Arc de Triomphe or the Champs Elysees would be more to your liking.

And you will find that the nearest Metro station to the Place Georges Guillaumin is the George V stop via line 1, or alternatively you have the Metro and RER stations at the Place Charles de Gaulle, yet there is also a Velib bike rental station at the Place Georges Guillaumin as well.

Address Details

Place Georges Guillaumin
Ile de France

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Place Georges Guillaumin
Georges Guillaumin Square
Place Georges Guillaumin Statue