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HD photographs of La Paix statue on the Grand Palais - Page 5

We were in the 8th Arrondissement of Paris at the Grand Palais, when we took these high definition photos showing a statue called La Paix, which was sculpted by Henri Lombard.

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La Paix Statue By Artist Henri Lombard

The Grand Palais was one of the major projects undertaken for the 1900 Universal Exhibition or World Fair in Paris, and in collaboration with four different architects and around forty different sculptors, it was not just a feat of engineering, but also that of beauty, as you can see from this first HD photo showing just one of the many statues.

La Paix Statue 8th Arrondissement Paris

So here you can see a close up photograph showing the detailing that went into producing this particular statue called La Paix, which in English translates to The Peace, and because the Grand Palais was constructed for the arts and has a massive exhibition space, the figure is holding an olive branch depicting peace, and a musical instrument in the other hand depicting one of the arts.

La Paix Statue Grand Palais Paris

Now this particular statue of La Paix was sculpted by Henri Lombard, who was born in Marseille with a full name of Henri Edouard Lonbard in 1855, yet the other two statues you can see below this positioned either side were sculpted by a different artist called Henri Greber.

Grand Palais Columns La Paix Statue

Initially Henri Lombard studied in his home city at the School of Fine Arts before gaining a scholarship enabling him to go to Paris and further his studies to become a French sculptor at the Ecole de Beaux Arts, where he won the Prix de Rome in 1883, allowing him to spend time at the Villa Medici French Academy in Rome Italy.

RHS La Paix Statue On Grand Palais

Upon his return, Henri Lombard received several commissions for statues and sculptures including this one of The Peace on the Grand Palais, which was completed in time for the official inauguration of the building in 1900, which was the same time that the Petit Palais and the Pont Alexandre III were also constructed and opened for the World Fair.

LHS La Paix Statue On Grand Palais

Many of his works are found within Nice and his home city of Marseille, but as well this statue of La Paix, another statue by Henri Lombard can also be found in Paris on the facade of the Palais de Justice, however, he also produced many decorative sculptures for private individuals, plus taught modeling at evening classes in Paris right up until he passed away in 1929.

East Facade Grand Palais La Paix Statue

So this photograph shows the main part of the Grand Palais facade with its entrance on the Avenue Winston Churchill that faces opposite the Petit Palais, and as you can tell, the statue of The Peace is located to the right hand side at the top on the opposite side to The Art statue.

View Up La Paix Statue Grand Palais Paris

And here you can see La Paix statue on the Grand Palais that we took while standing on the Avenue Winston Churchill looking up to the top of this building, which has undergone a major restoration project, enabling tourists to continue admiring this Great Palace for many more decades and even centuries to come.

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