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We were in the 8th Arrondissement of Paris by the Petit Palais, when we took these high definition photos showing a statue of Winston Churchill, which was sculpted by Jean Cardot.

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Bronze Winston Churchill statue Petit Palais in Paris
This first HD photo shows a bronze statue of Sir Winston Churchill that was modelled from a photograph that was taken when he marched down the Avenue des Champs Elysees with the French wartime leader General Charles de Gaulle on the victory parade at the end of World War II.
LHS Winston Churchill statue at Petit Palais
Now this particular statue is located within the grounds of the Petit Palais in front of the road that was renamed the Avenue Winston-Churchill on 27th March 1966, fourteen months after the British Prime Minister had passed away, and on the opposite side of the road is the Grand Palais, which you can see a part of behind.
Winston Churchill statue by Jean Cardot
The statue of Sir Winston Churchill, the British Prime Minister during World War II, was solely paid for by donations from the French public and the City of Paris, which amounted to £250,000 Pounds Sterling, with the French sculptor Jean Cardot being chosen to execute the work, yet it was Brain Reeve who first dreamed of the idea.
Petit Palais statue of Winston Churchill
Jean Cardot was born in 1930 and studying to become a French sculptor he ended up becoming elected as a member of the Academie des Beaux-Arts and then its president, and this particular monument dedicated to Winston Churchill was produced by him in 1996, and with the success of this, he was also commissioned to produce the monument to Charles de Gaulle in 1998.

Jean Cardot also produced another monument to Thomas Jefferson that is located in Paris, and the principle author of the Declaration of Independence plus the third President of the United States of America, Thomas Jefferson was also the Minister to France who resided in Paris for several years, but this French sculptor is also renowned for more modern sculptures, busts and much more that can be admired throughout the world.
Inscription on Winston Churchill statue in Paris
Yet here you can see a close up photo showing the base of the statue that portrays Winston Churchill walking on the victory march, and the base includes his famous words of We Shall Never Surrender, which were spoken by the UK Prime Minister back on 4th June 1940 in London.

And Jean Cardot wanted to show the strength of Winston Churchill plus his determination in a time of major conflict along with his humour, yet also as he quoted; A man on the move, a man who won't stop.
Petit Palais garden and Winston Churchill statue
The monument to Winston Churchill located by the Petit Palais was inaugurated in the presence of Queen Elizabeth II on the 80th anniversary of the signing of the Armistice that ended World War I, which was on 11th November 1918, and hence this was inaugurated on that day in 1998.
RHS Winston Churchill statue at Petit Palais
Recognised for his long overcoat, hat and cane, Sir Winston Churchill was the first Prime Minister of Britain for Queen Elizabeth II, which makes it even more apt that the Queen was at the inauguration ceremony alongside the President of the Republic of France, Jacques Chirac and the Mayor of Paris, Jean Tiberi, plus she even gave her speech in French.

And in a part of the speech by Queen Elizabeth II she stated;

I am confident that Winston Churchill, my first Prime Minister, who guided me with such wisdom and humour through the earliest years of my reign, would have commended to me this special recognition of the 80th anniversary of the Armistice.
Petit Palais SW corner with Winston Churchill statue
And this imposing statue of Winston Churchill by Jean Cardot is over 3 metres in height and weighs in at well over 2 tons, but some British feel that this was a long time coming since a statue of Charles de Gaulle was erected in London only shortly after World War II, but there are some that still feel this war should never have continued.

In fact, although the statue of Winston Churchill is one of the very few people recognised in Paris from outside of France, there are certain groups and anti-war protestors who do not like these reminders, and there was one such incident on the 22nd anniversary of the death of Rudolf Hess, the deputy to Adolf Hitler, where the hands of the statue and the letters RF were painted on it in red, but fortunately, the City of Paris restored the monument to its former glory.

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