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Photographs of the bronze statue of Clemenceau by Francois Cogne in Paris - Page 199

This time we were visiting the Petit Palais in the 8th Arrondissement of Paris, when we took these photographs showing the bronze Clemenceau statue on its large rock base, which is found within a corner of the palace gardens very close to the Avenue des Champs-Elysees.

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Bronze Clemenceau Statue By Francois Cogne Paris

As you can see from this HD photo, the bronze statue of Clemenceau is positioned on top of a large sculpted stone that is situated within the gardens of the Petit Palais, which is the building you can see behind, and the location of this commemorative statue was chosen on 30th September 1931, not quite two years after the death of Georges Clemenceau.

Clemenceau Statue At Petit Palais In Paris

This photograph shows a front view of the Georges Benjamin Clemenceau statue with its small gravel path that leads up to the plaque found at its large stone base, who was often referred to by the nickname of Tiger and also Father Victory due to his political efforts in World War I.

The Georges Benjamin Clemenceau Statue In Paris

We took this photo showing the opposite side of the Clemenceau statue in Paris, and when you look at the image, you can also see a small rectangular metal plate, which bears the name of the sculptor, Francois Cogne, and in recognition of Clemenceau, every year on the 11th November, the current French President lays a wreath at the base of this statue.

Petit Palais Georges Clemenceau Statue

Now this bronze statue of Clemenceau in military uniform and wearing his famous coat was sculpted by the French artist and sculptor Francois Cogne, and this was officially inaugurated on 24th November 1932 in the presence of the French President Edouard Herriot.

Plaque On The Georges Clemenceau Statue Paris

In this photo you can see a close up view of the plaque positioned at the base of the statue with his surname along with his year of birth and death, and during Georges Benjamin Clemenceau's life he was a qualified doctor, a journalist known for his many writings on the Dreyfus Affair, but he was also a statesman, politician and the French Prime Minister on two separate occasions including during World War I.

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